Forum Gaps


For the next 1,5 month i will be trying to find a gap in the page(to help nelson) using XSS and DDoS attacks(maybe something else)wish me luck.


What? That’s a horrible idea. Unless Nelson knows it’s going to happen I’m pretty sure this could be a crime, so don’t do it.


Do you know a guy named OWN3D?


Yes. He got the hat back in 2.0 when he reported that there is an exploit to get free steam keys to the gold DLC. You DDoSing the website is different- Keep in mind you get the hat from an exploit regarding the games, not the forums website. So if you do DDoS the website it would not only be a waste of time, it would also be illegal.


And that’s why it’s called ‘‘White Hat’’ because he actually reported something very important rather than abusing of it. Apost0 just sounds pretty selfish, keep in mind that it’s just a cosmetic.


you got me not selfish at all. im just kinda ironic. i want to make it just to help unturned.


Im just starting with forum… im sure that DDoS wont do much.


You want to help Unturned by breaking its official website in illegal waylol


do i have to tell story of own3d again? do you know that hacking isnt only a bad thing? companies hire hacker to find gaps in its websites.


DDosing is illegal. It won’t help Unturned and it will just fuck the website.


You don’t need to rob a bank to say that security doesn’t see one entrence


forgot to mention(i will be doing DDoS only at my test server.) just XSS and other stuff here.


but im just testing it


I just raped your mother (Don’t worry just for testing)
I just took candy from a store (Just FOR TESTING)

Can you just stop yourself?


XSS is based on leaving hook made in JS or html onto a website. then i could propably track admin panel or shutdown the whole page. this way i can test is it vulnerable or not


Are you hearing yourself?


im not gonna steal or destroy anything. i like nelson and unturned too much.


@Pr0trik add me on steam so we can talk.(are you from poland?)


What could you even steal anyways ? Again, OWN3D reported a exploit that allowed him to get pre-access keys for Unturned before the release on Steam. That’s why he got the white hat, for reporting a crucial exploit. I don’t understand the purpose of DDoSing the forum, it won’t affect the game itself in any way. You are the one that don’t seem to understand what happened with OWN3D.


test.pure tests.
Im starting with forum. how many times i need to explain this.
okay i shouldnt have write that i want a white hat but still im just gonna test the websites defence to prevent stealing passwords