How about a paid 4.0?


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How about, no.

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True, for nearly all games on steam, but I think you can play on community servers if you pirate CS:GO.

I think putting a price tag on unturned will just divide the community.


Like it or not, nelson is making 4.x more realistic with more complex mechanics. It doesn’t matter if the characters look blocky. That’s just Unturned’s charm.


The hackers of CSGO use a pirate launcher with official server of steam


I’m fairly sure that they use a cracked steamapi.dll.


Did anyone read it all?


I’m not saying it’s not gonna be more realistic, but I don’t believe that the depth of the realism is how you and other proponents of realism are gonna put it.


Well, what I do know that it’s gonna be a lot more realistic. And yeah it’s still a game, but i still fight for realism and balance cuz let’s be real here, the xombie-repeller is a bit too much.
Because atthe same time, you have to check if it’s gonna be more fun than tidious to do, this is a game after all


I don’t really care.

If it’s paid then I’ll gladly shell out the cash.

If it’s free for gold members then I’ll just be glad that I don’t have to pay.


Minecraft does get less kid-friendly sometimes so don’t underestimate Minecraft but I can’t blame you I play Minecraft and post a youtube video of Minecraft it does get boring due to me doing a lot of Minecraft and not other so I can’t blame ya it childish but the games can’t change.As for CS GO, I mean everyone knows how to pirate a game so yea it illegal but yea and I agree on cause if their a hacker he can pirate a game right some he will then just pirate unturned all over again and again so there is no point of letting people pay for unturned.But again it everyone choices and the game dev choices.
Also btw FYI just in case am 13 playing Minecraft and DeltaNedas state that 6-8-year-old play um give more information about the age ya mean DeltaNedas ok just a head up not a rant.


Less hackers? Have you ever played a Swedish game called Minecraft it costs 30 Usd


IIRC Minecraft does not have an anti-cheat engine, while Unturned currently does and probably will.


Rip Minecraft servers


Objectively, the upside of this is that only people willing to spend money on steam, on an unknown “pixel zombie 3D survival multiplayer game” and one that’s still in early access at that. The downside is the playerbase will be smaller, and you have to ask if this will reduce it to the kind of people you want.


I wouldn’t really call it unknown, considering the amount of people that have played Unturned and how there’d be a free Unturned game you could play beforehand.


It does have several anti cheat measures built in.


Minecraft has zero anti-cheat programs built-in. You are thinking of servers that have custom anti-cheats. For example: Watchdog, Phoenix, NoCheatPlus, and AntiCheat+.


I’m bothered by your description of the game


Time to dissect this comment.

unknown "pixel zombie 3D survival multiplayer game” and one that’s still in early access at that.

  • Unturned is not in Early Access, it exited late 2017

  • far from unknown, being one of the top 10 most played F2P games on Steam of all time

  • artstyle is low-poly, not pixel

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