How about a paid 4.0?


I like how this whole topic is you guys arguing…Oi I am sorry I mean “debating” for a price of a game that isn’t even out yet…or better yet even finished. I thought this was a forum for suggestion things to make the game better, not a place where money is involved.


4.x has to be out if we want to “argue” or “debate”


Well, it can be seen as “suggesting the game to be paid for”
It counts as a suggestion and it is part of the game
I agree that it shouldn’t be discussed now because it’s kinda too early, but still. We like to involve everything


Since 4.x is coming up , i dont think it should be paid for Gold Members , since they already paid ingame should it be paid again? , i think not .

Whatever reason i think it should not be paid for gold members , again Since they already paid , but lets talk about the community for a second , the community is childish , and all those f2p players wich annoy other players , should they pay ?, i personally think its a solution to childish and dead community.


Already been confirmed, too late.


You aren’t entitled to anything.
Imagine if people were telling Activision that they should get the next Call Of Duty game for free because they bought DLC in the previous one. Nobody would take them seriously, and they would have made a fool of themselves.


I wish for this game to be supported, and am really quite ashamed that I am unable to do so. However, I currently am 16 years old, with no job and no credit card. I also cannot ask my parents to purchase this game, as they have stopped doing so a long time ago (and for the record, their reaction to this game will not be good). Therefore, if Unturned suddenly becomes paid, I will have to suddenly stop playing it for years. Given that I am currently working on maps, I cannot even force myself to accept the fact that all that progress will suddenly be violently yanked from me and thrown away. Hence, as much as I would like to give Nelson some money, I can only go as far as to recommend a patreon page or some sort of fundraiser - and even then, I wouldn’t be able to actually contribute until a few years have passed.


Well, I don’t know. Every game has a childish community. Let’s ask ourselves - what does a cost do to the community? It creates a bottleneck, more specifically a bottleneck through which the following can only pass:

  • People of an age somewhere around 16 and higher, who have a marginal or higher amount of money in their bank accounts.
  • Children who are extremely over privileged and have their own money for some reason.
    And, finally:
  • That very childish community that you referred to: young children whose parents still buy computer games for them.
    So I see your point, and from the first glance it may look as if this price-bottleneck actually affects the community, but then we have to acknowledge the fact that most of the members of this “childish” community are children who will have their parents work out any cost issues. My guess is that we’re actually blocking out the 14-16 year old demographic, those who don’t have an occupation or source of income and whose parents will not buy a game for them.

So yeah, not as effective.


So 4.0 will be paid? Is that confirmed? How will that work, will I be denied access to the game after the next update? Will the next update just uninstall the game? Or will my account be deleted?


4.X will be a completely separate game from 3.X, 2.X, and 1.X. You can keep playing and working on 3.X.
We are discussing the possibility of putting a price on 4.X, and marketing it to a slightly different demographic.


So will development continue with Unturned 3.X? Or will all of the effort be converted to 4.X?


Development will be continued in 3.X, if not by Nelson, then atleast by curated content.


I disagree with you because it will lose 2/3of his community that is VERY awaiting for 4.x

sorry for bad english


I disagree.
Having a paid 4.x will be very benifitial for the comminutiy in the long run. Less kids, less hackers. The community might be pissed at first, but it’ll all be good
Especially if the price is as low as $4.99


Minecraft is $26. Minecraft is pirated a lot. Minecraft is infested with 6-8 year olds. Price =/= good community. People like Matuchkin will either have to pirate or not play 4.0 just because spoilt kids and cheaters play Unturned. Making 4.0 paid will not reduce the numbers of cheaters. CS:GO is $14. CS:GO is pirated a lot. CS:GO is unbearable because of how many blatant cheaters there are, let alone angry russian men/kids who can actually hide their cheats. Relying on it being paid is useless as a cheat-deterrent, as most admins (even abusing kids) will ban a cheater if they see one.

TL;DR: Kids will get their parents to buy the game or pirate it. Cheaters have never been stopped by price tags.


Lol, if you pirated game that works via steam you can’t play online.


Minecraft is a kid’s game to begin with
No complexity and ass graphics and it’s literally just blocks. When pirated, you either can only play offline, or get banned after playing a bit online.
As for CSGO, it is one of, if not the most popular game in gaming history. Same with CoD so it’s bound to have hackers. Especially when you have a shit anti-cheat like VAC. Not to mention, pirates can’t play the game online except with other piraters. So they’re not gonna enjoy the full game.
As for Unturned. 4.x will have a bunch of realism and some complex mechanics (such as shifting gears). So it’s less kid-friendly. Therefore, resulting in less kids


I think both 3.X and 4.X would benefit from 4.X being paid, because then they would more clearly fill different niches in the market, and they could both be played by different, (though perhaps overlapping,) communities. Unturned 4.X shouldn’t be viewed as a direct upgrade or update to the previous versions, but as a different game entirely, perhaps even going back to the old monicker of Deadzone.


I don’t believe that Nelson confirmed such things. While I see the appeal in a heavily-realistic zombie survival sim I don’t think that Unturned should fill that niche. While I would like more to the game, such realism won’t fit well when your character is a redesigned Roblox character.


will everyone just stfu, there are like 500 posts of people arguing and im getting tired of people spamming each other over stuff thats hardly related anymore… like really, just stop.