How about a paid 4.0?


I think it is a good idea it would repeal the hack (wich are realy common in almost all the free games)


Just like that you’ve lost any respect I could have ever had for you. Opinions are subjective.

By that logic, why should we listen to anything you have to say? You’re just one of the people here…
Also cool it on the cussing, this is a place for civil discussion.


Alright, time to cool off.


But what about a game like PUBG? If played that with a friend and have seen many hackers, even though the game costs $30


The problem with PUBG is that players can literally make money on the game by collection BP, receiving crates, and selling those crates for around $.50-$1.00. That way, these hackers can collect tons of BP, sell crates, and then just gift the game to a different account and put the cheats on there.

It’s also worth noting that saying a paywall doesn’t stop hackers is just as bad as saying it will completely stops hackers. No paywall, anti-cheat, etc. will ever be advanced or good enough to prevent people from trying to gain an advantage over someone else, that is completely true. But that doesn’t mean no one will be stopped. A HUGE portion of hackers in PUBG are chinese players, which make up nearly 60% of the entire playerbase. Unturned is a much smaller game, and its demographic caters to younger children, for the most part. Some of these children go and download free hacks because they are not mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions. Yes, you can argue that “well a lot of hacks are paid too”, but you must also realize that these are still children. They don’t have jobs to sustain themselves. Any parent in their right mind, no matter how much they spoil the little brat of theirs, will ever sustain a child buying the same game over and over again because their accounts are getting banned.

Of course, not all hackers are necessarily little children, but I believe with the demographic that Unturned has, it is safe to say at least 1/3 of the “hacker population” in Unturned is composed of younger children. Adding a paywall could be beneficial in this regard.


Ok, no offense but right now you just offense half of the young population of unturned half the time children in unturned are young yes but not all of them hack tho.And why you mention kids in this discussion remember the population of hacker that is kids are growing up they realized that it bad and left it behind.
And also if they did a method where they basically regift an account with a game that $30,$20 and so on they are going to be more hacker, again and again, you get what I mean it does not matter anyway.


I never said half the young people in Unturned hack. I said half the people who hack are young. There is quite a difference between those two statements. And I mention children because it is well known that a majority of the community compromises of younger children. I am not saying that is a bad thing at all, but you can’t hide facts for the sake of “being nice”


it’s a case different from unturned’s, since it’s a more famous game genre (at the moment)


Good Idea, this would reduce a population of noobs


Paying for something does not make you better than someone who does not play.

Hmmm, i wonder if skins work that way…


Your idea seems quite interesting. But maybe make it free for those who bought the gold upgrade for 3.x, because now, it doesn’t have much of a use.


This thread should have been titled “Since Unturned 4.X will be a completely separate game from 3.X, not a different version like 1 or 2, should it be marketed to a slightly different demographic than the earlier versions by making it paid” would have cleared up so many misunderstandings.


I think that Unturned 4.x being paid would be a great idea. It would keep all the players that are not active on Unturned out and keep a solid active community on the game.
I think that the game should still be paid to gold members because it would help Nelson out. If the game were to be paid it would also help with people trolling and hacking.


4.0 should be paid.


Maybe we shouldn’t reply to people about an argument that had been left be for two months. Obviously people had been willing to let it go.


As much as I would have thought that pay to play unturned would have been horrible, I have to agree. The community is horrible, and making 4.0 early access would be a great idea. A lot of people who treat unturned 3.0 like Garry’s mod darkrp would just be telling Nelson about how the “pvp” is broken and I think that it should be pay to play until it is a stable game.

I think that if Nelson makes unturned 4.0 pay to play forever, then everyone would just stick to 3.0. One last thing, maybe the people who bought the 5 dollar DLC should get in on the open beta as it would get more people to buy gold which would fund Nelson on developing the game as well as getting more people to try out 4.0


Quite honestly, I get where you’re coming from… However there are some die hard fans of this game that don’t exactly have the means to do any purchases, e.g me…


What about rust? It’s not free and still the community is just a bunch of toxic edgy teens and squeakers


Isn’t Rust full of naked people?


Paid 4.x? Sound beautiful!
This are pros and cons in my head:

+Less toxic people
+Less hackers
+Again we are supporting nelson by buying the game

-Community would get smaller
Thats just what i could think of