How about a paid 4.0?


(sorry had to) Not meant for you - just memeing what you said.

Same can be said for portions of your posts.

Again, calm down.
Keep the pinky off the Shift key unless you need to use proper capitalization.


This discussion has kinda gone done the drain a bit with a ton of over-quoting, nitpicking, false information, and personal attacks after a while. Everyone, please remember to keep the discussion civil.


I am not “Upset” as much as I am disappointed. Listen, Molton I like most the things you say and do, you listen and you care. I care too but I am a bit more harsh about it I guess…
We all love unturned here and we all have differing ideas…
The thing I am upset about is that Unturned II (Idc that it’s a new game) i care that it’ll remove everything we worked for, all our skins, our hours, our everything…
WE will most likely have to buy gold again, buy skins again, earn crates again (which is fine) but there should be some Reward for playing since beta or even playing since greenlight era of unturned 1…

I am disappointed that we have done SO MUCH and made SO MUCH “difference” for nothing…
I am all for a new game but in the end, we’d have to start all over again… Different characters, PROBABLY going to have to re-buy gold or Premium as he’ll probably call it in Unturned 4.0

I just dont want MY WORK and EVERYONE elses work to go away with no reward, it feels like an insult…


Like I said, he thinks everyone here has more say than everyone else on steam who is playing this game… That sounds like some Nazi shit to me JS…


Unturned 3.x will be separate from 4.x.
You don’t have to worry about your progress in the current Unturned.

You can go back to 3.x and play and still get items and what not.

Fight fire with water.


You can’t fight fire with water when the damn water is miles away from you and its over the internet…
Also, now YOU’RE missing the point. Listen and pay attention, it is an INSULT because all the hours, all the skins, buying gold, and everything else we did goes to waste because we wont have any reward for supporting him in this new game…once again this is an OPINION and a SPECULATION i have…


What rewards would you wish Nelson give you? Starting off with that could reduce a lot of the hostility in this post.


Didn’t state this since it was obvious, but I regret it.

Nelson rewarded Early Access players with 2 cosmetics.

If you’re looking at a ~$1000 reward for having alot of hours, cosmetics, etc… you may need to lower your expectations. :confused:

CS:GO players who owned a Counter-Strike game for atleast 5 years got a tiny medal reward. Not a Karambit.


Idk, give us skins give us some cosmetics liek berets or some shit…something to say “We’ve been here sinc eclose to the begining, we love this game and we support it more an dhave supported it longer than you have”…Its not liek i want guns on spawn or mres on spawns or med kits on spawn…just something to say “WE KNOW HOW MUCH YOU’VE GIVEN US…AND WE THANK YOU”


That is relatively understandable. Although I am unsure if there are any threads discussing it directly, there are some posts in this discussion talking about ways to reward previous players. I wholeheartedly support the game being free or priced, and I much support the idea of giving a discounted “Gold Membership DLC” coupon to anyone who owns Unturned 3 now when Unturned II is public.

Economy issues and such are unfortunate, but even if the engine and way clothing and such was handled was the same, I feel as though it would be limiting when trying to provide new and better updates (or a method of transferring content).

I think someone suggested giving a handful of free cosmetic crates to people who played Unturned 3 and transferred to Unturned II. Although some may find it a measly amount, it’s something. A beret was also likely suggested.

Either way, the games are going in different directions too. That could be just as likely to divide the community at this point, but the original idea of this discussion was more of a “what if?” scenario. I’m hoping that it’s mostly getting back on track to that, with feedback on how it could work well, and the downsides of it. The discussion is over 100 posts long now though, so it’s a bit hard to keep up on everything.


we’re talking about 4.0 rewards no recent ones…i got a beret fro that crap…its cool and redish…yayyy…thats all i wnat…not money…


You could have simply stated that you want a small reward and the discussion would have been more civil.

I have no idea if there is any information regarding 4.x rewards for older version players.


The fact of the matter is, this whole situation seems like a really bad “what if”
There have been more arguments in this thread than there have arguments on the fuckin’ Steam Forums about Item Thefts during Trades…

All WE WANT (the majority of players who’ve been here since basically the beginning) is some sort of Token of Regard… A beret, a shirt, a fuckin’ free key for the first chest we get?.. idk… Something that gives ALL OF US who played before last year some type of achknowledgement…

I don’t want it to go to waste, fuck sakes I reported bugs and never got the debugger beret but idc i want a reward for being here SINCE …Basically forever…that’s all I am saying…
And a “discount” on gold seems a bit wrong, that is kind even more of an insult… It’s like “You spent a lot money on the other game, wanna spend just a wee bit more on this DISCOUNTED gold?”
Why not just give people who have at least over 2k hours a free access key to test it and report things and give reviews…and after that the one who gave proper reviews and what not get the game for free or some shit?..Its like those youtubers who get access codes for games to play it and review it…they technically get that game forever afterwords…same should go for this game… It’d get more publicity I think

maybe thats a bit much, idk…


whoa, rejection and criticism ok for people who have a type of growth mindset they take criticism. criticism was not the problem the was people agreeing and disagreeing and I did not want part of it anymore.When did criticism came into the equation the heck I mean I do take criticism cause if I have a growth mindset technically I have too.But when did it come into the equation tho?


Your posts had unnecessary things in it that made it seem it was meant for me, as if I was trying to interject you. And you still have bad formatting.

We should take this to private messages if you wish to discuss more of this and not about the topic. Otherwise I wont be replying to your messages in this thread for derailing sake.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen, if anything it’ll probably happen later down the line if not an early addition. Nelson had the gold items as a thanks for supporting him with the upgrade, then the berets were added for those who stuck with the game forever, alongside helping with bugs and other things. Then most recently the Early Access clothes.
He’s been pretty generous to the community compared to other games, (like what Raieus said, CS:GO players only got a tiny medal, we got some pretty pimpin’ gold clothes and the older guys get some nice berets too.) We shouldn’t assume he’ll instantly throw the vets to the curb and run off into the sunset with all of our money. He’ll probably do something later, after he gives us a playable game.

Sides, Nelson said in the first devblog that he’s aiming to put out a public multiplayer combat test in a few months, if that helps with any early-early access needs.

A paid 4.0 won’t cause the world to collapse.
Yes it has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has their own opinions. In my opinion honestly putting 4.0 in the $5-10 range would still be cheap enough for kids to buy the game (if that’s really what the majority of the community wants) while still reducing and putting hackers at a disadvantage.
Just because Nelson makes the game cost a few dollars doesn’t mean he’s instantly turned into Satan. He’d also be able to have another source of income instead of relying mainly on the gold upgrade.


An embarrassment to vets everywhere. We don’t ask for compensation, we earn them. Don’t pretend you have some VIP status just because you’ve been around in the game for so long or you’ve paid a lot of $$$. You insult me as a long-time player.

We’re discussing over a possibility of a paywall including the pros and cons, but you took this personally as if you have shit to lose. Pretty selfish of you, only caring about yourself with the fear of being disregarded of what you’ve accomplished. You don’t represent the people, you represent a terrible viewpoint.

Besides, what you’re whining over doesn’t even relate to this topic. You’ll lose your crap either way whether the game is paid or not, because this is a completely new and separate game. The only thing a paywall will affect is population and the concentration of certain people

Well maybe there will be special rewards for us, but is that really, what you only care about? I wish you were never rewarded at all, not even a discount



Also, based on his replies, you can already tell that he wasn’t really thinking about the community or Nelson in this regard. Just himself and claiming that he is “the entire community”
People in this forum represent more than 80% of Unturned’s playerbase. So usually, a poll can tell if people who actually care fr the game would pay for it or not. Thinking about the positives and the negatives of a Paywall, not selfish negatives of a new game (all progress lost) which is false since it is a game by itself. And Nelson himself said that he WILL keep updating 3.0 weekly. He wouldn’t give all his focus on 4.0. He’s not careless. He still cares about his games and won’t stop taking care for one just because another is present.



You better calm down before people start flagging your posts. Just saying.


I could not agree more. I haven’t been around for a long time (Just since 2.2.5). Even I know that how long you’ve been around shouldn’t effect what happens to you in the future- if anything the only thing that probably would is if you’re known as a nice person in the community and lots of people know about you.