How about a paid 4.0?


Shouldn’t this be locked by now?


Not necessarily. Users still have subjects to post about on here if they so choose.


Nelson could change his mind. Its not set in stone, honey. Discussion is harmless.


I would be okay with this, as long as the price for the base game isn’t over $5. I don’t know what would happen to Gold membership, however.


Currently as things stand right now, there will not be a Gold Upgrade in Unturned II. You will, however, keep your Gold status in Unturned, and also, Gold members might be able to get the Unturned II official server pass at a discounted price.


his hardwork deserve payment


I’m also hoping that we can have color optimization for somethings like in 3.0 (this is probably my favourite part of 3.0 gold)


This “discussion” has been here for since nov 2017 why the hell are we still talking about it either free to play or $1 to at least $20 make up your god damn mind guy if either pay or free Nelson please reply what your choice but every time i come here the unread on my inbox is how about a paid 4.0 and we need the founder of this game to at least express what he feel because we agree to much on pay and having free that some of us might grow impatient and remember patient is a virtue so yea we really need a better answer from the maker than the follower.


Nelson has already said the game will be free, with paid access to official servers.


Suggestion: mute the post if this is an annoyance. People aren’t just talking about whether or not the game should require money, and their is already an official stance made on that.

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Well, I’m going to be brutally honest here. It’s quite ironic you quoted patience as being a virtue, since you seem to have a lack of it yourself.

I’d like to point out that this is a forum, and people should be able to talk about important topics like this. The fact that you’re aggressively suggesting we should all ditch civil discussion just because of “the unread on my inbox” is quite absurd. To add further to the hypocrisy, this post hasn’t been active in 19 days before your comment was made, so you just prolonged the so-called problem you were complaining about.

Nelson has, ever since the infancy of Unturned, been vastly open to community input about the game, and a lot of things would not have happened had the community not discussed it. That said it is already confirmed that Unturned II will be free with no microtransactions, so Nelson has already made up his mind at the time of your comment.

If it bothers you that much that various threads are active, just turn off the notifications. Nothing on the entire Internet grinds my gears more than a single entitled person whining about trivial, easily avoidable things.


Can we please end this discussion now? I think its clear its going to be free…

Edit: The Endless Irony of trying to make it be done by commenting that it should be done except that it prolongs the discussion


(it was done, and then you replied to it you hippo)


I mean maybe i was complaining but i agree with gaurd here am not here to be a pain of the but even through i am a lot although if is clear that nelson made it free we do have a point of ending the discussion due to it not needing a second through so i mean yea this the last comment bye.


This is a forum. You have to accept the fact that people can discuss what they want to here.

Also the discussion technically ended like a month ago.


Nelson said that anyone who buys the Gold version will have access to official servers, which is who buy can play with the more mature part of the unturned community, who does not buy continues playing normal with everyone, I think this suggestion is not so bad bad , but Unturned will have that option who wants to play with the more mature guys buys the game that does not care about it plays the free version normally, this would not change much, in fact, if the game is paid everyone will play in the official servers will continue with the idiot kids, I think the option to play for free is a better filter since the asshole kids will play in the free version and people who want to play with the community say THAT FOR WHAT TO PLAY THE SERIOUS GAME, they will be almost 100% free of silly children.


and with this system who wants to play with the part of the community that takes the game seriously earnestly buys gold.


First of all. Incorrect necro. He said people who have gold will have a discount, not get it for free.

Also this topic isn’t even relevant anymore, since Nelson has confirmed 4.0 itself will be free.


I know you do not understand what I meant.


Take this topic as an “if 4.0 was a paid game” and not as an “I want 4.0 to be a paid game”.

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