How about a paid 4.0?


I completely agree.


Although I think you want this because it would rid the game of children, idk if I’m wrong about this but isn’t what attracted most players to unturned is the fact that it is a free to play game? Even if unturned 4.0 became pay2play wouldn’t atleast some of the good players leave it? Kids would still just buy the game. Say a game like payday 2 I encounter kids almost daily.


Not really, because for all of the good players, Unturned is a really good game. So they’d easily be willing to pay $5 for a drastically overhauled, improved, polished iteration of the game that promises better gameplay.


lots of good players already buy gold for $5, so they are definitely willing to pay $5 for unturned 4.x.


Honestly he could make it cost $1 if he wanted to purify the community. People would have to actually hook up a credit card or get a gift card to actually buy the game and most people we don’t want aren’t willing to do that.


It’ll likely be free, but i’d be totally fine if he made it paid. I’d pay 60$ to play anyway.


As of now, Nelson has stated that Unturned 4 will be free to play with the exception of Official servers.


I dont really agree with this. I think Nelson should use the old system of selling keys and items that have no actual use but look good (no cosmetics that could be a form of camo). I also think he should carry over the gold membership as well. I was willing to pay the $5 for gold knowing who that money was going to and what for. I also think the gold members should carry over their memberships to unturned 4 and should get to test it early as an incentive. After the full release they should have access to beta updates for the incentive.


This is an old and outdated post, and the comments are also old.

It’s already been confirmed that there will be no Gold Upgrade DLC nor paid Steam market items, but there still might be a very carefully considered, integrated cosmetic system. Think Rocket League or BrainOut.

As for you paying $5, 3.0 and 40 (or more aptly, Unturned and Unturned II) are separate games entirely, so you don’t necessarily have the automatic right to all premiums in the future. That would be like paying for a DLC in Civ 5 and expecting to get Civ 6 content for free. Fortunately for you, the official server pass (the only paid transaction for 4.0) may see a discount for Gold players of 3.0.

I’m just grateful that Nelson is humble enough to not monetize the entire game at this point.
I’d still pay, though xd


i want to agree and not at the same time…but i’d buy it if it becomes a paid game


Same, mostly because I’m not sure if the game will be any profitable the way it’s gonna be released.


A Steam economy is planned to be reconsidered, which is plenty profitable if done properly. Unturned 3.x’s is profitable, but the system is quite “meh,” and Nelson likely agrees with that (considering his opinions regarding Steam economy in the past during AMAs and such).


can we just stop talking about this when its already decided?


so you’re a type of person who goes to a restaurant and tells people not to eat.


dude, its literally already decided that 4.0 will be free. Nelson said it himself


But you can’t make people stop talking in a goddamn forum.


but you can stop debating about something thats already decided.


The “How about” in the title implies a possibility.
Discussion of this topic is valid and you can’t deny it.

Don’t make this a rant.


im not making this a rant. Im calmly explaining why its useless to go on discussing this. Not cursing and getting ticked off as you are.


Regardless though, they’re allowed to speculate at least.