How did you find out about Unturned?


I joined 2 days after 2.0 came out on Steam.

Why I joined? Because I was fed up with Minecraft and needed a break, and I watched PewDiePie at the time…


a facebook group i was in was crawling with posts about unturned and i decided to take a look on this game, it was just 2 days after unturned came to steam and i fell in love with the game


A few years back I used to watch some obscure youtube guy named AndrewOscarDelta for The Forest videos. Eventually he tried out a new zombie survival game which most of you would know as Unturned 2.0. Needless to say when I heard it was free I jumped up and installed it right away.


I put in the mac and zombie filters on steam and Unturned came up.


I have to be honest…I played the game after I watched JackSepticEye play it, after then I started looking around on Youtube until I found someone called “PartiallyRoyal” who played the game with a few of his friends, after I watched him play it, I was sold, it looked incredibly fun.


Fuck man I remember watching PartiallyRoyal. IIRC he did The Forest too and I stumbled upon two channels, the other that led me to this game


I remember seeing Deadzone on the roblox front page and thinking, ‘Wow, what a crappy game. This is going to go nowhere, I’m never going to play it.’ A couple years later, I made a steam account. (around 2014-2015, idk) I watched my brother play Unturned 2.0. About a year later, I downloaded Unturned.

Probably one of the best things i’ve ever done.


me and @iDrmzIt were bored in 2014


this game was actually ONE of my first steam games

browsing steam
sees unturned
oh cool
starts up game in 2.0
ehh this game is hard
searches unturned on youtube
finds melikebigboom
discover 3.0
becomes addicated


i actually found unturned really late.

joined during, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. i became addicted and he quit.


i was looking for a game on steam to pass the time when i found it :smiley:


I first discovered it in summer 2014 when my brother just got a Steam account and looked for free games. He played it with me watching for a while then just kinda forgot about it. Then one year later I saw it on Steam and decided to download it myself.


I’ve known about it from youtube before, not sure from who though.
I started playing it when I saw one of my classmates play it in school. I decided to give it a try.


My best friend told me about it :smiley: i was not using pc before!


When did you find it? It should be on Mac if I recall correctly.


I was watching DayZ videos on YouTube and that there was a Unturned video (it was Nylex’ Battleship raid). I watched it and then I was pretty sure that I need to play that game


i saw on youtube playing 2.25 and i said its great but my pc was to weak to run it after some years i get the unturned 3.0


Around one week after 2.0 was released on steam I saw a picture online that said “Just released, still better than DayZ” and a picture of someone with the bow in Montague so I looked for new games on steam and found it, then told all my friends about it and we had a fun 5 hours of finding out how the game works and getting max gear. The next day we played for another ~3 hours and we got bored of playing on the same save so we just went in corners of the map and when we saw eachother we had to kill eachother. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a video game ever. Afterwards we started from scratch.


My pc had ran into a problem, it was going to take a week or more for it to get repaired. Took my brother’s laptop and installed steam. Searched for something that was less in size but worth playing.
Found unturned (200 or 300 mb). Downloaded and played using laptop’s trackpad. Once my pc got repaired, first thing I did was install Unturned and go OPERATIONMAPLELEAF. But my intetest in this game increased that day when I casually entered a random server. It was named JJ’s server. Admin had a large base at the beach. There were 2 groups, one which had its base at airport and other which had its base in the pirate cove. This was all I understood form the server chat. I asked the pirate cove guys if I can get a tour of their base because I didnt knew where it was ( i was new) and They allowed. Next thing I know is i was on team priate and we were going to raid the admin’s base to get some gear so that we can destroy the airport guys. For nex few days, we attacked them, they attacked us. It was a intense war. Then we explored the pirate cove glitch where we could go inside the rock. We were having great time having fun. Once in a while, admin used to go for hunting at night with his jeep. All players would hide and admin would try to hunt but without admin power. It was fun until the admin closed the server forever. Missing it a lot.



A youtuber named monark