New Icon on players character


I was thinking that being able to see a small mic icon (like when you press alt to speak) on players head would be cool to have, so that when multiple players talk, you can reconize instantly who’s speaking, instead of having to check everybody by looking at the name tag that shows up when you get close to a player.
This would be extremely usefull for all the rp servers (give or take if you like them or not) and also in survival if idk you meet a group that didn’t shoot you yet but is more for talking and being friendly.

Similar to this, it would be nice to see a small :speech_balloon: symbol above peoples head while they type, so you could understand immediatly if somene is writing you back or if he’s jus staring the horizon, or just your beautifull blue eyes idk

Some people loves to be romantic


I like the idea of the mic above someone’s head to allow people to be a little more friendly in survival situations. It’s a small but helpful feature.

However, the chat bubble should be a server option, and disabled by default. In survival situations I think that most people would exploit it and use that time to kill people, which would ultimately lead to less friendly chatting since it marks you as being vulnerable. But with it enabled on an RP server the chat bubble would be nice.

You need that chat bubble for true romance