Old soundtrack from 2.0 beta


Personally I like this one far more than the current one.

Found the theme song👀
How should Unturned II OST be?

Damn, it’s so creepy


I honestly feel like that song does not fit 3.0 at all. Just imagine being shot by ‘LeetRuskiUnturnedPvPerDabEmoji’ and then dying to this. But in 4.0, something a bit more dark, like this would suit it pretty well. But personally, I do like the Unturned 3.0 theme over this.


Yes of course, 3.0’s atmosphere is too cheery and sort of action-packed with PvP and all that stuff


Can you try recording the current 3.x menu music and reversing it?
Usually reversed music sounds super creepy. If it doesn’t sound creepy enough, we’ll look for another


Actually I’ve tried it reversed a while ago and it sounds pretty interesting


Woah. This could totally be an awesome Easter egg in 4.0.


Thank god that this relic of the past isn’t gone forever, I remember first hearing it on an old unturned 2.0 beta video, the version including the beta zone.


Whoa, that’s really good. Definitely would be awesome to have this in 4.x. Keep the current for the main menu and death possibly, i think this would be better if it’s automatically played when, for instance, you’re being chased by a large amount of zombies, or your health is low, you’re in a spooky cave or sewers, etc.

Death could be changed to a sort of screeching noise too, would be cool.

Also, anybody else getting Metroid vibes from this?


Unpopular opinion: sounds like a piano amateur who just bought FL Studio.


You got a link for it?


I’m wet.
Something like this for Unturned II please.


Not really of my taste.


Sounds like .exe games soundtrack


…you do realize you just said that the soundtrack sounds like literally every game, right?


Yeah, I picked up on that too (but TentotheC had definitely meant to exclusively refer to the horror games that have .exe in the title).

:man_shrugging: I don’t think it does, personally.


spookiest gamer moment is when i see this and its SCARY HOUR as i read that sentancej[ig


Updated soundcloud. Enjoy :grin:


Reverse version is pretty interesting.


You’re welcome