Open Discussion | The Turned vs. Light Sources


Hello friends, its your friendly neighborhood Hound. This time I’m not drunk and won’t be thinking with my ass so I’m going to address a thought I’ve had concerning the turned, so lets get to it.

Light in Unturned

Light in Unturned, when you think about light do you see it as something particularly vital? In my personal opinion, never.

For those who have played the original Unturned (Also refered to as 3.x) we know that light sources such as flashlights and headlamps draw the attention of enemies of all kinds. (Human and Zombies)

In Unturned II, I would like to imagine what would happen if light sources became a deterrent of the Turned rather than an attraction. We’ll call this the Light Factor.

Gameplay changes needed

In order for the Light Factor to function as intended in Unturned II, I would need be assured of these features also make their way into the game.

The Turned tend to mob, grow more aggressive and become much more aware during the nighttime

(In order to invoke a sense of fear/risk to go into town without light at night)

Light will need to become a deterrent of the Turned

(In definition of what I mean by this, the Light Factor will need to be able to hinder/frighten the Turned into becoming reluctant of attacking, however still providing a chance of them doing so.)

Impacts I aim this will make

With this I hope that it will present a new survival aspect of how players will combat darkness, opening up playstyle options.

Those who risk getting mobbed by the Turned during the night while on night supply runs.

And those who risk getting spotted by other players to better their safety around the Turned at night.

Thank you for reading everyone, as always keep the comments constructive. I will do my best to respect everyones opinions and what not, let me know your thoughts and how you think this can be improved.

The Turned (Huge list of ideas)

This… Whould be Intresting…


Dying Light basically.


Hm, I think you gave me a nice idea in my Turned text document


They would need some means to be able to destroy a placed light source… or said light sources would be able to burn out if they were torches/campfires. That aside, this would be cool.


I think the Turned should wander about somewhat when idle, but tend to avoid well lit areas. I think turning lights on and off or moving them should attract their attentions. I think flashing lights should very quickly aggro the turned.

The Turned (Huge list of ideas)

Oh definitely, I would like to see exhaustable light sources. Flashlights needing batteries, torches needing to be replaced and ect.


I’m really for this idea, it would be an interesting twist on the popular Zombie Survival genre.


2.0 WILL ALWAYS BE THE -ORIGINAL- UNTURNED!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

And by the rest of the post, I like the turned being indifferent to lighting, thought attracted to light sources. I’d like your suggestion if it just implies that the turned could kinda dislike sunlight, then spend most of the daytime on covered areas, being able to stay under sunlight but for not long periods of time.

The rest of it, I’m not so sure.


I like all of the ideas . it would be interesting to scare/weaken the turned with light but i wouldn’t say all light so you cant just shoot a gun and scare them with the flash of the gunshot


Vampires anyone?
Anyway I like the idea, not sure of what should happend during the day since that the light will be everywhere.Shall turneds just hide in houses or generally where light doesn’t directly get? If that so, wouldn’t that create a small version of 3.0’s navmeshes where zombies will stop following once you’re out of it?


Well, when it comes to regular lights, it shouldn’t be this effective against them. Example, holding a flashlight that’s on will attract xombies from even farther distances towards this lights (depending on the light intensity). Because the sun is super bright, but it shouldn’t be like that to the extent that it weakens the xombies because that’ll make daytime too easy. So I’d say that night time would be super dark, and using regular flashlights attracts xombies from a mch greater radius. But what really acts as a deterrent, is lightings with high intensity such as multiple spotlights, multiple cagelights, or flashbangs. Because having a portable light source that makes combat easier during the night isn’t something that sounds good. So a good way to deter xombies from you base is extremely bright lights, but at the same time it exposes your base to other humans so you have to make that decision of either going full ragnarok or going full 007.


I’m sorry but I keep noticing every xombies in their :confused:


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That’s what I was thinking when i wrote my comment


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Actually, not being able to scare them with all light would be cool. Maybe light produced from heat (ie the sun, or fire). This would make people use actual torches more instead of a flashlight.


Lmao, 2.0 is classic Unturned.
3.0 is just “Unturned”.


Classic = Original