[RANT] Why are cheaters existing


Yes . . . a free trial for a month. From then on it was paid for by Nelson. What are you getting at?

(And I asked you because I genuinely couldn’t find when Nelson mentioned what he used the gold money for).

He says when he originally added it, which was 3-4 years ago now. I don’t see how you should be ‘burned out’ in the current day based on buying decisions that Nelson made all the way back in 2.0. Since then, he has purchased all of the things that I previously mentioned which is a more than adequate use of the gold money as a reinvestment into the game. The stuff you say he should be buying, he has bought.

Which makes this a ridiculous claim to make since Nelson has been spending his money effectively. Unless you’re going to simply ignore everything else he’s purchased and hone in only on what he bought 4 years back.


Look in the devlogs for stuff like this


Ah. So that’s where it was hiding.


Relevant to discussion (but not worthy of its own post imo).


Yes, i do admit it. And I am sorry for once doing it. I’ve been banned for my mistakes, but i wisdh to receive a second chance.