RVs that double as mobile bases


Usually when i’m ticked off, I take it out on fragile objects that can break if hit hard enough, such as my keyboard, my internet router. Basically the the things that are causing problems in my everyday life… lag, and keyboard disconnection. Otherwise, if it’s a person, I scream at their face xD


Or use my method of making swiss cheese. It really calms my nerves down.
Recipe is:
1 Wall, preferably one that isn’t so visible. For best quality, use drywall+gypsum (or concrete), not pure drywall.
1 Screwdriver. 3mm, medium size.
Proceed to apply screwdriver to wall, until you reach the desired consistency and density of holes.

As i said, pretty effective for me!


Well, I live with my Aunt, so she’ll kill me if I do that, or she’ll force me to pay for the expenses


Extra effective if you place your hand down, scream, and pound down repeatedly near your carefully placed hand.

It let’s the range vent right out!


This is such a great idea. Folks are enamored with 3.0 trains on russia and ireland because of their potentials to be a mobile base. This idea, however, need not extend only to boats and RV’s. I think any seat on any vehicle should be claimable as a bed when the vehicle is stopped. As soon as it moves the claims dissappear until re-established after stopping. I think living out of a car, truck, or RV will certainly become an option in the zombie apocalypse…for as long as the fuel lasts.


I just imagined a structure built with cars embedded in it, the survivors living there using the vehicles for power and beds after all the wheels have worn out.


Well, I mean, is that not what you would do?

Gather a large number of vehicle batteries and use the husks of cars as barricades for your makeshift survivor camp.


Technically you can places metal plate around the “base”. But that’s pretty laggish.

Also not really worth it if the car’s not bulletproof.


Someone link me to a discussion about vehicle health mechanics please. I think fully damaged cars should become static, but can be scrapped or rebuilt rather than just despawning. Also, the frame, engine, axles, wheels, and electronics/controls should have independent health pools. A ruptured tank makes the gas leak, and you can catch the vehicle on fire. It wont explode though unless an explosive is used and it has fuel, or if you manage to fully rupture the tank. (an explosion requires the fuel source to oxidize rapidly, otherwise it will burn due to slower oxidation. an explosive will rapidly expose all the fuel to oxygen.)


I think you actually have an original idea here.

Feel free to make your own post if you think it can be discussed.


Alright, I’ll do that. Any idea on what I should title it though? I’m not too great on that sort of thing. Nothing in my brain is labeled well either.



nelson said he was going to redo the vehicle physics so maybe this could work


Well, with the absence of auth physics, it’s easily possible to walk around in stationary vehicles. The hard part is once the vehicle gets moving.


until you get in a server then don’t even try



What’s wrong with servers? Do you even know how the vehicle physics works?


no i mean on unturned 3.0 when you try to walk on the vehicle you jump around and glich out.


Yes, because of auth physics, which is not only absent 100% for sure in 4.0, but is even removable in 3.0.

It’s literally something Nelson intentionally added to the game to fight flyhackers.


Oh ok that makes sence


Rv were meant to be a shelter not just a vehicle! Pls lord nelson change rv system! Love you!