The Almighty RPG



An Error Message Appears on Peedeos Screen saying that there is a hack from an Almighty User


the person is shown to be trapped against a chair with a machine pushing a needle towards him. He looks fearful.


Error data corrupted.


Peedeoo7 pushed the big red reset button


which leads to what it appears to be a Minecraft style superflat world with villages


Harvest is very confused


Peedeoo7 falls a great night and knocks himself unconscious in the grassy field


The person is shown fallen over in a sitting position looking at something that you can’t see other than its shadow. (he has a blue jacket on like AJ now and one red eye and one blue eye, along with his black pants. )


the error Message reads…



Error, data from this point on corrupted, returning user to main world


AJ is seen to be glitching…


AJ starts screaming is agony, clutching his head.


Pesky cuts the code and kills Aj

It resets both peskys and Ajs Memory


Harvest, with the memories of his past life, all the powers and equipment of a reanimated illuminati puppet, and three blocks of dirt he picked up in Minecraft, prepares to finally enter Molt’s palace.


(BTW, AJ also looks only about a year older than his past self,)


World starts glitching…


Pesky wakes up with no memory of who he is or what is happening


Suddenly, a massive explosion of fire and ice explodes outward from AJ


After the explosion is finished, all that can be seen is a black figure.


pesky feels stiff and cannot move


he also feels cold