The Almighty RPG



Data reports memory of separate player than AJ being erased. Data says the name of player is ““ErROr””


Peedeoo7 is still laying in the fields unconscious.
He does however, look like his insanity levels have left him, and will likely wake up fully sane and rested after 10 hours of rest


Peedeoo’s computer starts smoking


The world is massively glitching,


It self destructs, leaving a fracture in space time reality where it was.


The crack says

Reality is currently in three parts
Enter portal to return to base reality


Pesky wakes up and feels robotized


Molton isn’t there, so Harvest settles for placing dirt on his throne and leaves. Harvest tries to charm the girl at the gate to let him through, but fails his charisma check.


Suddenly 2 figures split off from the black figure, a red one and a blue one. Then there is AJ lying on the ground in between.


pesky rolls down the mountain into harvest


(Is any of this stuff happening in the same place?)


Then a portal opens up, and they drag AJ through it.


He suffers a heavy blunt attack from the femail rendering him temporarily unconscious


(the world was destroyed, a new one was made xd)


(idk, probably)


which then i continue rolling until i hit peedeo


By the time pesky hits Peedeoo7, Harvest has regained consciousness and begins chases after pesky, who he mistakes for the one that knocked him unconscious.


Peedeoo7 is still unconscious, and hits into his pocket which had a kickback grenade in it

Pesky and Peedeoo7 are sent flying into base reality, where it is not all well. But at least is not malfunctioning.


The portal reopens after several hours.


AJ walks through, with several new items.


Three players wake up in a familiar hellscape

But now there in the king frogs swamp.

Peedeoo7 is still unconscious