The Almighty RPG



AJ is seen walking towards them. His eyes are glowing.


Harvest attempts to aid Peedeoo, while scolding Pesky.


(i like how this is our goto fun when were bored)


Peedeoo7 looks like he is sleeping soundly for the first time in a long time.


(we need to make a game and book based off this xd)


Pesky can not here because pesky is deactivated


Pesky needs to be activated


AJ comes across deactivated pesky. He activates him.


Then brutally murders him.


It looks like Peedeoo7’s limbs are out of joint and twisted, he is bruised, he has two black eyes, his pinky toe is broken, alongside many cuts and scratches


Pesky activates


Harvest realizes his healing and scolding are both futile, and instead tries to move Peedeo and Pesky onto terra firma


_But only listens to harvest cause hes the first person he notices


Peedeoo7 drops shawdowstalker mk.ll


Pesky is in a standstill and can move when told to


AJ’s attacks are useless, so he instead hacks pesky.


Hack prevention initiated


Harvest checks the Shadowstalker mk II. It is missing one round, and he knows who that round was used on.


Peedeoo7 lies helpless on the ground

Blissfully unaware_


Harvest decides to continue moving Peedeoo7 to drier ground. He is suspicious of Peedeoo7, but will want to question him.