The Almighty RPG



AJ suddenly surrounds him and pesky in ice. He then uses a AI to hack pesky


A anti-elemental grenade drops


Harvest finally realizes AJ isn’t helping pesky. “What the hell, dude?”


Harvest picks up the grenade and threatens to use it if AJ doesn’t explain.


Its worth noteing there is a shallow unoccupied grave nearby, and Peedeoo7 still has that shovel on him

if anyone is feeling too murderous to there fellow man


“Would you like to be become human?”


“It would erase my memory and make me think im human”


“Just let me Know”


A tiny slime jumps around

Its lands directly inside Pesky’s command module and fries itself


Harvest prepares to prime the antielemental grenade, and gives @Aj_Gaming one more chance to explain himself.



(Motherfucking body paragraph)




Another stupid tiny slime jumps around and lands inside Pesky’s awfully questionable book

It gurgles and flames sprout from within it

What no? Not again?

It glows a possessed red

It starts floating.


Harvest primes and tosses the grenade.


That tiny slime has been splattered.

The whole world may just have been saved, but nobody noticed.

Peedeoo7 is unconscious, Pesky’s deactivated, and Aj is oddly starting into space.

Harvest is left there, alone.

And un-recognised


It’s getting dark outside.


Harvest moves everybody onto the solid ground he found, then constructs several wooden platforms so he, the others, and a fire he built can all be raised up above the ground and water. Harvest becomes a hermit surviving off the land in this little shelter until further notice.


Peedeoo7’s arms are still twisted out of place and out of joint.


AJ suddenly gets sucked back into a portal.


(that’s basically me just going away for a while xd)