The Almighty RPG



Codian follows Mr. Rawr and drags him back into the madness of this post. He then says that hanging yourself is a shitty way to die which brings Mr. Rawr back to life, so he can die a more heroic death. (tbh he just wanted to live to see pewdiepie’s new vid)


Mr Rawr and Codian stand up in the remains of a once glorious nation, a star spangled banner ripped and torn hangs limply on the flagpole.

The streets are empty, save a few infected.

The buildings are eather bombed out or show signs of extreme disrepair.

This is New York

From here on out there alone, short of a scattering of hound’s propaganda letters, and a billboard, promising free food and parties, Come join #MoltonNation today, or something.

Across the mostly clear horizon rests king frogs swamp, normally a nasty and unkempt place, now looks like a oasis compared to the surrounding Hellscapes. And a haven for sanity.

Besides that, empty, not even a chicken man man in sight.

They have the entire world to themselves nearly, complete and utter freedom of choice, and no shortage of time.

They could rebuild society, they can explore where no man has been that’s currently alive, seek fortune.

The world is big, the freedom of choice besides suicide is there.


Pesky looks around and wonder “Why does this seem like a legend or prodigy setting” Suddenly he pulls out the prodigy book and starts reading it while the battle is still going on…


AJ is still walking.


Pesky Asks AJ, “Hey Aj, got any potions?”


AJ throws a teleportation potion at pesky, and continues his thinking. Pesky gets teleported to a random location on the planet.


Pesky appears inside of Molts dungeons. How unlucky!


Well hello there…


Peedeoo7 grins

Say… I whould like to push this mind control tonic onto you…

He glances towards Peskys torso

You don’t have much choice it looks, as your fused halfway into the dungeon wall…

How… Unfortunate…

Flash to black with twisted laughter


AJ suddenly has the feeling that he’s done something terrible.


Pesky closes the book fiercely and sets the whole Dungeon ablaze…

Pesky walks out of the wall with demonic eyes carrying a sludge ball and fireball…

“It’s not like I’m none the wiser than to trust an insignificant little troll in a dungeon…”

He looks at Peedeoo7

“I’m faster than you, Quicker, Smarter, and stronger… but most of all I have a fusion…”

Pesky has demonic eyes as red as the sun

He Pulls Peedeoo7 in and forces him to look into Pesky’s eyes

Peedeoo7 sees the screams of every soul lost in that village

Pesky teleports out wth the dungeon smelling like smoke and slime


AJ suddenly has the feeling that something terrible will happen soon.


AJ has reached the town of brookford!


(ya having trouble responding XD)


The dungeon even still looks fashionable as a heaping pile of rubble…

Oh look a bookmark!

That’s cool.


in the background… the people of brookford see a hellish portal open


AJ is completely oblivious to it.


outcomes what looks to be a person wearing a green hoodie and jeans while he creates fire beneath his feet and slime on the walls of every building he passes


Aj just nearly got his hands ripped off by touching Peedeoo7 for no reason randomly rip in reality kinda thing.

(See post withdrawn response destination)

Aj returns from whatever that lash out was with -15 hp points


“well hello people of brookford… its another pleasure seeing you again… i thought the last town i burned down was not enough… so… your the next CONTESTANT


Pesky laughs Demonically