3.0/4.0 Serverlist block filter options / arguments

I’d like to see, either the ability to individually block out servers from visually showing up in the serverlist, or better yet, expand the “Server Name Filter” to have blocking arguments

For instance, if you wanted a Creative server, but you don’t want Creative RP, you should be able to type

Creative -RP

The minus designates that anything in front of it, you dont want to be searched. A space will let the browser know you’re giving it a separate search filter. You’d successfully search for servers advertising themselves as “Creative” but not “RP”


Sure why not, though we would need to implement a tag system first, witch we should probably have anyways. Much more likely for II than 3.x, but 3.x could use it.


I think 3.x could work fine, no tag system needed. But a tag system for 4.0 would be cool indeed.

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So then it seems a lot of people are starting to agree. I’m basically getting this idea from certain websites with filter systems. I’m sure theres other filters we could use.

For instance, if I searched

Creative RP

I will ONLY find servers addressed as BOTH Creative AND RP.

A cool little advanced search option would be if I could search for Creative or RP (or both)

~Creative ~RP

Also, I don’t think we’d really need it, but you could always add a wild-card system with asterisks. I’m not sure how that one would work out.


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