U4 Megalist of ideas/suggestions/thoughts

Mega-list of expected or necessary features and content for 4.0 remastered grouped into what I personally think are appropriate sections

We did not care if they were already planned. Please do not pester us about it. This doc has been revisited over and over for multiple months, almost over a year, and Nelson has both added and planned many things since then.

Game Mechanics -

  • EVERYTHING is extremely modular down to the bone
    • Add a hunger system? It shouldn’t be fundamentally in the game, it should be an enable-able and disable-able module
    • Modules should also be extremely configurable. No, seriously, like as configurable as the config.json is on servers
    • Noting that U4 already has a ton of mechanics that should be modular enough to configure, or at least enable/disable, such as player momentum, gravity, so much more.
    • As shown in 3.0 with curated maps, Nelson should know fully well that the more he allows content creators to create, the easier it will be for him in the long-run and increase the fun/longevity of a game.
    • With all of that said, we worry that the game is already too far in to make such systems modular, and we assume they’re fundamentally apart of the game.
  • Randomly generated maps
    • A must have for Unturned. If not officially added, then make Unturned modulated enough for someone to create a plugin - though I would hate that because they’d probably make it paid/monetized
    • This would be great for everyone, including server owners who want randomized, fun maps to play without the dull, playing the same map over and over again feeling. It’s really a big reason I can’t stand 3.0 anymore.
    • Pre-gen maps would be named “pre gen” or “generated” in the map server title, to make them clearly differentiated from normal map servers. They could also have the map seed included in the server configs/description
    • I feel like whatever system is put in place for generating randomized maps should also be easily customizable and fairly simple. Even possible for custom/modded buildings and areas to be added to the generation, with their own % chances, loot drops, or so on
  • Crafting system improvements / overhaul
    • Crafting system GUI needs a MAJOR fucking fix. Long ass one-column UI is disgusting and difficult.
  • Dynamic reloads (And dynamic reload animation)
    • Instead of one static reload animation, reloads should be actually realistic and representative of what you have. IE, a gun like a mosin that loads one bullet at a time and is missing 3 bullets should actually load 3 bullets, and so on.

Servers -

  • P2P servers
    • Easy, simple P2P servers through UPnP or something along those lines
  • Server Creation
    • Make server creation as easy as an added Steam\Tool package that players can install and use
    • It should come with an easy GUI to tweak settings and other content of the server
    • Servers should be strictly categorized into non-dedicated (includes P2P) and dedicated servers. “Dedicated” servers would be servers running on the server-version of Unturned, the one with the striped client files.

Content / Module Content -

  • Experience System Overhaul
    • The Experience/Skill system should be more attuned like one of 7 Days 2 Die. It’s great and features five master skill trees, which you need to level up that skill tree before unlocking more skills and etc.
    • Earning experience can be gained through almost any productive action, but killing zombies reward the most.
    • In 7D2D, on death instead of losing your skills, you get a debuff on your master skill tree that temporarily removes your skill for a certain period of time. Multiple deaths stack the time, and make you temporarily lose more skills.
  • Crafting & Makeshift improvements
    • Make crafting items worthwhile.
      • In 3.0 they’re hardly preferable, and seemingly are the worst-case scenario items. It’s far easier and more valuable to go out and find guns than crafting them, and so on.
    • Add time for crafting things
    • Add makeshift ammo variants of most bullets.
      • It could be like Rust where you find a bullet, and have to research it - but can only craft makeshift versions of them that jam or don’t shoot as far.
      • This can go side-by-side with the 7D2D skill-like system, where a higher crafting skill would craft better versions of learned blueprints - perhaps being able to craft the standard ammo rather than makeshift ammo (while still having the option to, for the sake of cheaper production)
    • Add different ammo types (tracer and fragmentation is stupid. I mean real different ammo types, like slugs for shotguns, etc)
  • Multiple UI designs in the game. If not, one official design, with community-made modules that redesign it.
    • This could open up so many new visuals and ideas for Unturned that you can’t even imagine. Take for instance, a visual redesign for a medieval mod, or a futuristic mod. There could also be practical implications, such as translations or modified HUD for the colorblind. HOI4 has (for example) quite a few mods that redesign its HUD, which are very useful and very effective.
  • Make shotguns actually unique and more shotgun-like.
    • Things like bigger spray-cone
    • Much, much longer ranges would be nice to see. No more watching your bullets turn into pixie dust past ~30m
  • Make PEI one of the official maps of 4.0
    • We discussed this on the forum. It seems like you guys object because Pineridge will apparently be gigantic which will apparently be good for U4 and is already in the works. You guys, however, suggested PEI does make its way back into Unturned after Pineridge - to which we agree.
  • Redesigned Melee System

Graphics -

Quality of Life -

  • Chopping trees or other such actions should directly give you the materials
    • This may or may not be compatible with the whole “grid” system of Unturned, but other games like 7D2D and Rust have a straightforward tree-chopping resource-gathering system. It’s extremely annoying to pick up items off the ground every time. Please fix
  • Master building-tool
    • Instead of crafting each individual buildable, like in Rust. Yes, we know this is planned.
  • Inventory system overhaul
    • Being able to find something in your base should be quick and easy. So many games make storing things a nightmare, such as Minecraft or Rust, and many more. I believe that if people want to build a centralized and concentrated base design (like many bases are) then they should have the added benefit of finding items easier, whether this be through electronic methods of controlling and searching the storage (refer to Minecraft storage mods). If people wish to build dispersed and spread-out bases, they will suffer the negative of not having such systems (at the benefit of being more diverse and harder to raid).
      • Excellent MC mod https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/refined-storage
      • Such a system (based on this MC mod) would allow factions of players to scale upwards much better. Nelson has liked content before that promotes better scaling and player progression such as this one.
      • I would go WAY more into detail about this, because I hate the storage system of most games, but you probably have better ideas that you could throw onto the table.
  • Redesigned server-list

Meta / Steam -

  • No P2W DLC
    • Nothing about the DLC system should be exploitable to gain an advantage. In reference to 3.0, the advantages were
      • Colored skin allowed you to blend in with barns, grass, wheat, zombies
      • Multiple characters allowed for unfair unraidable storage/alts
  • Release all previous versions of 3.0 under the steam Properties\Betas tab for fun and nostalgia or what not
    • Yes, these versions exist. Yes, you can get to them through extremely complicated methods. But wouldn’t it be so much easier? Plus old versions of the game do not come with the required packages, so really old vers will not load.
    • The notable or “important” previous versions of 3.0 such as what we have now (antique, classic, unity-5.5) would be the first on the list, with the versions below them.
  • Expand Unturned’s EULA
    • Make profiting off of unfair servers non-allowed. We don’t want people flocking to Unturned just to profit off of it and give nothing back to the community, exploiting Nelson by profiting off of his game that he chooses not to be P2W.
      • I made a post detailing why and how here
  • Make a Steam Plugin/Module/Game-mode Workshop
    • With a plugin/module workshop on steam, it guarantees that Nelson will have control over these things, and prevent the need of going to third-party websites to download and use plugins.
    • This would also protect people’s content, as Steam is a much bigger and more professional service than a lone third-party plugin website. This will help content creators with DMCA, enforcing copyright, and much more.
      • Steam also has its blacklist/whitelist feature, to ensure only certain servers can run your mod with your permission, or you can do the opposite and stop servers who abuse your content.
    • Steam has a policy where mods - and thereby plugins/modules/game-modes can not cost money. If people are obsessed with generating profit, they can go ahead and then use a third-party service.
    • This entire idea would provide a better content creation experience, a better experience for the players, and for the server hosters. This would give content creators a bigger, better alternative than the sites we have now. Its overall a good idea.


Credits/Signed/Reviewed by -

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I am 100% open to adding more ideas to the post if you guys suggest them. I’m looking for the more obscure ideas, rather than the ones everyone talks about.

  • Also, before posting, please remember to stay on-topic, try to refrain from blatantly posting memes
  • Please dont come in here screaming “THE DISCUSSION HAS BECOME UNPRODUCTIVE” and proceed to make a poll asking if the thread should be locked.
  • Refrain from ad hominem or other garbage
  • If you agree with an idea, great, go ahead and hit like and tell me how much you like it.
  • If you dont like an idea, dont just bash on it, bash on it then give a better alternative.
  • Basically the forum rules

I don’t agree with this. Nelson isn’t being exploited by people making their servers P2W (which is a pretty vague phrase, as anything could be argued as a bought advantage, even cosmetic-only perks). GM doesn’t sue me for ‘exploiting them’ whenever I repair one of their piece of shit cars simply because I indirectly took potential revenue from them. It’s up to the user to decide what they’re going to do on their own servers and if Little Jimmy wants to spend $500 to get admin and a custom kit on some shitty server, go ahead. It’s not Nelson’s or my fault if he wants to make a bad decision and feed into a crummy industry.

Profiting off of servers is also something I’ve only seen rarely. Most server owners I’ve talked to are putting in more money than they’re getting out out of it and therefore use donations/donor perks to help take a bit of the load from renting a server off of the owner financially.

Could also be argued that server owners do provide the community with something, in the form of a server to play on. Wether or not you think the server benefits or exploits the community is subjective.


I think we should keep any discussion about topics that already exist within those topics, as provided.

Otherwise, I really am here to discuss literally everything else except the one issue you cherry-picked. But if you wish to.

I calculated the costs on a few franchises. Theres one called “Unturned Beast” and over their existence at the time of calculating (this was a while ago) they made on average 1,000$ or more a month.

But just incase, I went ahead and did the math again
On their website, they publicly display who bought what. I took the average of one page (in euro) and converted it to USD
So on average, per page of donations is 360.60$

There are 626 pages of donations

That totals $225,735.6‬. I’m gonna go off a safe assumption its actually a lot lower, more like 150,000$. Maybe the average I took was the best average there could have been, or maybe I am actually under estimating.

But if we go with the original figure of $225,735.6‬ and assume this franchise has been open for like 3 years, then thats $6,270.43 (repeating) USD a month in revenue.

This is a single franchise. I didn’t even list the tens of hundreds of other P2W franchises. This one just happens to be one of the biggest and notoriously P2W out of most of them.

So assuming a server thats doing even an order of magnitude worse than Unturned Beast (10x worse) thats still $627 a month. Thats still a crap-ton of revenue. So no, I dont think they’re “putting in more money than they’re getting out” because running Unturned servers is extremely easy.

Actually, its not only exploiting Nelson (as explained in the provided post) its also, of course exploiting the players who dont want to subject themselves to an unfair Unturned experience. And of course the majority of players being children who cant help themselves but be ignorant, and furthermore exploiting childrens ignorance by paying their favorite Youtubers, etc.

Very subjective. Thats why I made a list of what would be objectively P2W. Nelson could do it himself too. Kits are objective, etc.

I would say it is Nelsons fault, as he could stop it. And its Nelsons problem, as hes loosing profit. Even if it weren’t for the aim of profit, it would be for quality control and stopping toxic server practices such as P2W.

Bitcoin miners provide computation power

To contribute and work on the blockchain

Now using this analogy of Bitcoin mining, you’re completely ignoring external community factors. Bitcoin miners (For-profit serv owners) flocked to towns (games) with cheap electricity (easy to exploit community) and drove up the costs of electricity for everyone in the community.

To which, those communities pointed it out, made laws against them, and tried to kick them out.

We’re missing the last step.

EDIT: Also, plenty of people are more than willing to host servers without P2W, and keep them up for a long time. Essentially crushing your argument of “provides a server” when theres already plenty.

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talk about expecting too much from devs


A few random ideas

  • experience system a combination between project zomboid and 7 days

  • perhaps the game should follow project zomboid in survival related aspects, and a few other things, but go it’s own way for others and make combinations.

  • baconator lives


Well whats porj zom like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardcore zombie survival game that does it right.

Side note: it’s supposed to represent an actual zombie apocalypse. Like really. You get bit, you’ll die In a few weeks. You wreck your car in the middle of a town, your screwed. Ect ect

You should play it, its fun.

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Definitely should only be one, official design to keep the game clean and consistent across players. If custom UIs are to be allowed, then Nelson needs to be extremely careful on how they are implemented so that “cheat” GUIs aren’t made that give players unfair advantages.

I disagree with this entire section here, honestly. Sure, having things nice and easy to find is great. But that should completely be on the players. It’s part of making due with what your have, and it’s only the player’s own fault if they end up unable to find items they need due to a lack of organization.

I really don’t see how some sort of centralized, searchable system even makes sense in the context of the game. People here are fighting to survive, not make complex infrastructures of storage that autoupdates and sorts itself, all accessible from one point. This isn’t Factorio, and this certainly isn’t Minecraft.

I mean, I’d definitely be down for something like a sort button on storage containers, a al Terraria in which rarer items are put towards the top left, and then things are progressively put after them as rarity decreases. Hell, even naming containers that you can see when hovering over the container so that you can organize easily. But some weirdly futuristic, centralized storage system? Nah.

I mean… I really don’t see this as necessary in any capacity. Perhaps like really early 3.0 when Devtest was the main map would be neat, but all the versions of 3.0? Nelson might not even have most of the versions anymore for all we know.


How could someone theoretically change the graphic GUI to be at an “advantage”? At worst, they get rid of all the GUI so they can see more, but you can already do that in game.

Can you blame me for wanting to enjoy the game instead of laboring forever sorting my loot perfectly?

The problem with Minecraft is I make hundreds of chests and everything is everywhere, and thats similar to Terraria and Unturned

People are fighting to survive and thrive. I made an entire post about the advancement of player civilization, and being able to create more than “tribal” simply bases and have simple “tribal” warfare. Nelson even liked it. You can go read about it here

Which would be almost useless since Unturned’s sorting system is grid-based, does not stack, and storages are very small relative to what can be put in them, compared to a game like Terraria or Minecraft.

Its as simple as some electric wire and some spare computer parts. Nothing very futuristic, if anything, it adds to the apocalyptic survival feel of salvaging old computer parts. Infact, this would add more value to civilian houses.

He does. They’re all on Steam, right now. They’re just very difficult to get to

And they dont come with the required packages, so you cant even run them at all.

It would be very easy on his part to add the necessary packages. Even if not a lot of people would play old versions, they would still be there for fun, memories, or what have it. Again, very easy to do.

If certain metadata isn’t hidden or made inaccessible then custom huds can potentially give extra information that they player shouldn’t know or have access to on their HUD. It really shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but still something that Nelson would have to be wary about (likely would already make precautions about it when regarding anti-cheat).

Again, not the game’s fault, but the player’s fault. It’s not that hard to organize your stuff.

Nelson liking your post doesn’t mean it is suddenly a confirmed feature of the game. Regardless, I still don’t feel like the idea fits in the game. It’s feels far too much of a complexity even if it is as you say–

–because the idea that a system so complex can be made with just some scrap parts just doesn’t make sense at all. How does the logistics work? How is information of contents passed to a computer without any sort of sensors? It just seems like a huge jump in logic to think that people will make ragged-looking makeshift guns, less efficient bullets, etc., but then they can turn around and make some sort of system that auto-updates chest items and has searchable storage. I mean, I’m all for makeshift stuff, and interesting electronic systems like sentries or CCTV cameras or electrified traps, but the complexity of this system combined with it honestly just being unnecessary simply makes it not really a plausible addition.


This sounds impossible, and makes no sense. You understand a HUD is excatly what HUD stands for. A Heads up Display. Its just a graphic that explains basic things. Unless you can give me an example, this doesn’t make sense.

If you’re talking about Hack Client GUI’s

like this, thats a hack. Not a change to the HUD, but an additional GUI for the hack menu.

If you’re talking about ESP or anything like that, that is not from HUD elements.

This is extremely hard to organize, change my mind. If it were easy, I wouldn’t be sitting around for tens of minutes, or having people generally dedicated to sorting.

It shows approval and agree-ance, thats a like… I never claimed it was coming, but I mean, it should.

Whats wrong with games being complex? Some of the most complex games are the most fun, such as HOI4

use your imagination.

use your imagination.

use your imagination.

use your imagination.

then go the extra step and do organized storage.

already stated

I can make a strawpoll right now

Anyways, all the questions you ask are the same questions Nelson asked about everything else. How can zombies fit into a survival game? How should they attack? How much health should they have? Zombies and path-finding and nodes is too complex! How will this possibly work? Zombies seem so unnecessary, like honestly guys, it seems like a big hassle for something people dont even want.

really I could pull up any example within the games development and turn it into a debbie downer story, but I’d like to think more optimistically. Sure, I dont have an actual concrete suggestion with explanations on how it should exactly be implemented and still be balanced, because I wanted to leave it up to interpretation.

You build small bases that are easy to keep organized? Well thats your niche, and your playstyle. I personally like to build very spread out dispersed bases, so this whole suggestion doesn’t apply to me. I just know that, running a group, people like everything centralized and organized but the extreme pain of organizing everything is very tiresome and boring.

And at that point, if we’re going to have such objects, we might as well have electricity and power mechanics in the game, to power those objects. And at that point, we’re one step closer to making this suggestion as a whole do-able.

Recently Rust created an electricity update, filled with cables, switches, circuits, and etc. Sure, its complicated to me, and I haven’t bothered learning about it (mostly because I dont play Rust hardly ever) but its very cool to have it, and see people doing good things with it that are practical, fun, and balanced.

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeXMOpU2xio

https://www.strawpoll.me/18516500 it exists now

In Insurgency there was a HUD mod the put a crosshair in your screen while not ADSing, which the vanilla game did not have which gave a minor advantage as you could hipfire way easier. If U2 doesnt have a crosshair you could probably do that in some way.

I would be fine with the setting just not making it similar at all to 3.0s PEI as its probably the 2nd worst map in terms of game design.



I suppose you could add a graphic in the middle of your HUD, yes. But that would be adding more graphic than there already exists. Lets assume all visual modifications to the HUD have the same layout, but different textures or color schemes, and any mod that wants to go beyond that has to get community approved.

Or, we could just not care, because theres a hundred software apps that puts a crosshair dead in the middle of your screen. Or you can do the old fashioned tape.

I think PEI has one of the best map designs. The top left is a hotspot of activity, and if you cant go there you can always go down to holman and stay low for a while. The rest of the map is good for killing zombies, meeting nakeds, getting obscure items like scuba gear, blowtorches, cars, gas, etc.

And the way the body of water on the map is, forces the map to feel bigger than it actually is, which is usually good (and imo in this case is good).

I’d go as far as to say the old ver of PEI with Scorpion 7 and the crashed Mili heli at Montague was a bit more balanced, as the right side of the map is a coldspot, and it provided even more chances for newspawns to rise up, get a good gun like a maplestrike, and try to overthrow whatever group owned mili. A good map will have power dynamics like this, and PEI does a good job of this.

Washington is horrible and does not have this power dyanmic, and the “power” is everywhere, if you get what I mean. Russia is meh. France is pretty OK.

This would either mean that the hunger system couldn’t be tied closely to other systems, such as health or that disabling it would break the other interdependent systems. Instead of separating each game mechanic into it’s own module, (and thus limiting the interaction that can happen between any two mechanics,) I think each gamemode should have a module that includes some of its fundamental mechanics.

Literally no one asked for this.

You’re the one who included them in this thread.

You don’t need mods to make complex storage systems Minecraft, or I should say, very dedicated Minecrafters don’t need mods.

What makes games like Factorio and Minecraft great, and gives them seemingly endless progression is that you have many basic parts that work in simple and understandable ways and can be used to create more complex machines. In vanilla MC, you can’t create a chest that magically gives you whatever you want, but you can put a bit of time in to make sure you’ll be able to find what you want, or you could put in a lot of time to make some combination of chests, hoppers, droppers, hopper minecarts, chest minecarts, rails, and/or redstone circuitry to build something as crazy as a self sorting centralized sorting system, that dispemses whatever you want at the press of a button, and there almost always something you could do to make that storage system better. I don’t see how it would be better to either include those functions into a basic pine crate or to prevent players from building something of that sort if/when they have the resources to do so.


Sure, systems could be interdependent. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to toggle them off. Look at Horde mode as an example. Sure, having full thrist/hunger gives more health, and is sorta inter-twined, but it is lacking in this game-mode.

Similarly, specific game-modes might only be able to function when we put aside certain mechanics and add new ones.

check it out man :sunglasses:

Yes… as a reference to what we think would be good. Since it already has its own thread, which is well established, people should talk about it there since its already been greatly discussed.

Minecraft storage is a pain in the ass, and so is Unturned

I’ve played since 2013. Even with redstone contraptions and redstone item sorters its still horrendous compared to a simple storage mod. It takes materials to make the components and parts, so actually getting the storage you want takes time and effort, and pays off well.

I wish Unturned has more progression, which is the entire point of the better storage, and this post

So I actually made a strawpoll and the results so far are

60% of votes either want an inventory improvement or complained about their inventory management being difficult

The other 40% denied there was a problem

If something was set up like that, for it to actually work it would probably restrict what server owners could do quite considerably, which would be a pain in the ass.
and you can always like, choose not to play P2W servers.

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The only thing they cant do, is monetize off of an unfair Unturned experience. The most common example is selling a rank, which will provide kits full of OP weapons and items. Theres nothing stopping their creativity and server development, and they could always setup a donator rank that does not have advantages, such as for example a colored name.

P2W servers are all over the place. Its extremely hard to find servers that are not P2W, unless you look for explicitly only vanilla servers (which sucks, because I’d of course like to enjoy other types of servers!).

And for new people that use the matchmaking feature, its a complete gamble whether or not their first experience will be on a calm, vanilla server or a crazy kit-pvp tpa home notoriously P2W server.

And, of course, for children they usually dont notice a server is unfair and P2W. They dont know any better.

Even for me its difficult to find non-P2W servers as typically I have to join each individual server and check if it has a store with paid ranks, or buying in-game currency, or something similar. Its not fun to sift through the entire serverlist for the perfect server.

And not only that, but instead of out-right banning unfair servers, Nelson could instead implement a system that categorizes them as such, and warns users that the server has ranks that are paid advantages. Essentially discriminating servers into fair and non fair P2W ones.

Or, he could ban them off the master serverlist and you have to connect to them through IP and Port. That way they dont show up on the serverlist or through matchmaking.

Also to further counter arguments from the EULA post (since I guess we’re not going there)

One person posted this

This ultimately comes down to an almost economical based argument.
Minecraft is actually a perfect example of this.

After the EULA, small servers could never hope to compete against larger servers, due to having their ways of earning money to fund their servers being slashed by arbitrary rules put in place by Mojang. (Though this is within their right to do so.)

Meaning the only way servers can comply with these new rules, and not go under, is by being already gigantic servers pre-EULA, with massive player bases. Hypixel and Mineplex from Minecraft are other examples to this. Those two servers are a duopoly.

This person is actually false. Once giant, unstoppable P2W franchises with unbelievable power over the plugin, server, and influencer markets are now smaller, and on par/equal with other franchises ever since they weren’t allowed to exploit players (mostly children).

Now that one, two, or three franchises dont have such absurd power, its been devoluted and shared amongst all the servers. And even further, servers with genuinely better or unique experiences get to have a more fair and proper chance to show themselves. And smaller servers are no longer dominated.

The only expense here is the owners wallet is no longer gigantic, while the benefit is the servers are now free, fun and fair for players.