Friction & Animation suggestion for Vehicles

I got a key and replied to nelson (assuming he wanted me to reply with feedback?)

my feedback. no need to read it though lol

Thankyou very much!

I’ve been tossing the game around playing a while in it, showing a few of my friends through discord on their thoughts. I’m assuming you know theres plenty to work on so I’m not sure if I should suggest much, but the 5 ft tail pipe will surely become a good joke in my book.

Though while testing the cars out I get ear raped, this seems to happen rarely when colliding. Is this just me or is there some sort of bug? (Think this was only happening when I went to smash the glass, on phone right now though)

Also have you added friction to the cars yet? Cars are fine and dandy rolling after you get out and rolling downhill, but while rolling on a flat surface they seemingly never stop. (nevermind, I noticed it now)

It’d also be very nice to see lighter cars affected by friction less than heavier ones, as well as heavier vehicles begging to roll down angled slopes before lighter ones do. Not sure if thats planned but it would be neat to add.

It’d also be very cool to have the wheel slide back into a neutral position as your hands stay still, while also shimmying the steering wheel while keeping your hands at 3 and 9 instead of your arms going and pulling and going all the way to the top, obstructing your view of the speedometer, gear, and future gas lights. Ontop of this as the wheel slides back into neutral position whilst wearing some sort of gloves it could produce a very subtle sound, probably so subtle you wouldn’t hear it unless the windows are fully repaired.

Though I’m not sure if any of that is possible, since (I think) asfar as devblogs go you claimed you kinda had the joints stick to an object, so making an animation for shimmying (atleast in my mind) sounds a bit difficult, but nonetheless would be great.


Though to summarize I think it’d be neat if instead of your hands getting in the way of all the stuff like the speedometer and future fuel gage and what not of you instead shimmy (not sure if thats the right word lol) the wheel (not like I was paying attention in drivers ed, but I think thats how they instructed us to do it).

That way your hands never get high enough to obstruct the view of critical info, and we could add a subtle sound for letting the steering wheel revert back into it’s neutral place ( the rubber / leather wheel rubbing against your gloves or hands)

I also suggested friction stuff. Including heavy / bigger vehicles falling down at a much lower slope than a normal vehicle or lighter vehicle would. It would be an interesting addition and I think it’d be greater and easier to implement now rather than later down the road.


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