Dynamic Reloading

Instead of one static reload animation, reloads should be actually realistic and representative of what you have.

Take for example a shotgun where you can only load one round at a time. If it can hold 8 bullets, and you’re missing two, the reload animation should dynamically only show the animation for, and take the time for reloading two shells. Same thing if you’re missing 5 bullets and so on.

I haven’t seen this suggested anywhere else on this forum, and its something I really want to see added to the game. It would make for more realistic reloads and better timed reloads. If you’re missing one bullet, its annoying to watch and wait for an animation of you reloading all 8 for example.


so you mean

w h a t

w e ’ r e

g e t t i n g ?


People mostly stopped talking about this when individual shell reloading was added to the wishlist Trello, but it has been mentioned way back when. I would still like it to be implemented, but there doesn’t seem to be a need to be vocal about it anymore. That being said, the old wishlist isn’t a guarantee that it’ll be added, so maybe we should be more vocal about it, or maybe that would just be a nuisance.


tl;dr add fractional reloading

I’m pretty sure that was already the plan, but regardless most people are probably in agreement.

By dynamic reloading I was hoping for different animations for the same reload, for example on a pistol you could either rack the slide or use the slide release.


Well that too would be cool, @RedCo

Using the slide release would probably look better in a game that has fingers.

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Alternatively, it could also be the charging handle and bolt release, or some of those special reloads you see in battlefield.

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