UII Emblems / Clothing Customization Idea

I know nelson doesn’t wanna add cosmetic clothing - that would ruin the survival feel.

But what if default normal clothing in-game had little changeable emblems on it? Just how the spec ops clothing has JTF2 on the side, and military clothes has the country flag on the side. Let players be able to put little emblems on their character.

Better yet, capitalize on this by having non-premium (or gold, whatever you wanna call it) players have a certain amount of preset emblems to choose from (like skin colors in 3.0) and then have an emblem editor for people that have gold and let them make their OWN emblems. This sounds like a nice idea, and would hardly take away from the survival experience, if not, enhance it for groups or people that want to show something off. All kinds of things could be done.

Infact if 4.0 has in-game factions like 3.0 does with the whole scorpion-7, coalition, greece clans, etc those could be some of the “preset emblems”.

You could even make emblems on the front or back of a few select compatible shirts (very much like the country shirts we have now) instead of the shoulder area’s to make bigger emblems to show off (maybe that too can be a gold-only feature)

I just think it sounds rad, and ez profit.


Credit to CookieMonstar, he came up with it, just never made a post about it (cookie isn’t here, he was a steam forumer - this post was originally posted on steam a long time ago
“I would like to see players able to put emblems on their clothing though” “Like if you could buy a Texas Flag cosmetic and apply it to the back of a hoodie”

TL;DR of other things people suggested on steam


Please read through the post and suggested comments before voting in this poll :grin:

  • -No emblems at all
  • -Purchasable emblems via the Steam Market (Emblem-Packs or Individual Emblems for sale)
  • -Preset emblems
  • -Preset emblems /w a DLC that unlocks more emblems (just like gold in 3.0 unlocks more faces)
  • -Lootable in-game emblem patches
  • -Emblem editor with full control and customization
  • -Emblem editor with limited options and or colors
  • -Emblems that can be curated and voted to be in the game

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I have 2 issues with this. For one, emblem editors are a bad idea (Black Ops 4 has shown us that…)

Secondly, I’m almost 100% certain that the “premium” only applies to Official Server access and is not supposed to give any other benefits.


Wdym? Like people making inappropriate emblems? I assumed a blocky game would have blocky pixelated graphics. Assuming it’s really hard to convey anything too inappropriate with a limited amount of pixels. Though even then we don’t need an editor. It could be very much like how Unturned 3.0’s Gold Upgrade is, unlocking cooler faces and what not (ie, unlocking more preset emblems to use)

I was almost certain it regarded other things… Nobody else has ever brought that up to me when I discussed 4.x premium / gold ‘DLC’

quote I found

“My current plan is for Unturned 4.x to be FREE without any in-game purchases/cosmetics/skins, aside from the exception of a Premium pass that grants access to Official Servers. (Server hosting is expensive, so it would not be feasible to have official servers available for a purely free game.) This means also that 4 will be completely separate from 3 in Steam, which I think makes sense considering they’re going to be such different games.”

meh… it could include more freebies that make the DLC more interesting

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Also, another person on steam suggested further additions, such as a universal “shared” emblem amongst steam groups (or whatever groups)


It takes a few pixels to create a swastika. :thinking:

Interesting idea but I think the customisation should be limited to a few selections including the emblem background, foreground, color, and color trim.

eh, I suppose.

Well nice. Hopefully at least everyone can agree premade / preset emblems would be cool


maybe we could make like, idk, workshop stuff so people can submit their own cool ones for curator status or whatever that stuff is called. just random brainstorming. Then maybe they could go buy community-made emblems individually, or in a pack. This would require nelson to approve them, or some other guy in power.

More emblems, community made emblems, people make money, nelson makes money, and the inappropriate part is taken care of ^w^. though a bit far fetched. idk, again, just brainstorming.

But the entire point of the pass is to pay for the servers not generate the income. There’s no need to add extra “freebies”.

In response to Smokey, the way Unturned II will be designed, it will have full functionality even without Steam.

I think this implies that there will be some kind of integrated group system at the very least.

A compromise I think would make everyone happy is to take it 2 ways:

  1. Have a bunch of patches that can be found around the map (or possibly crafted in some cases) that players can stitch onto any clothing item (with exclusions of course). This would put it on the shoulder. They would get some minimal choice, such as having symmetry or rotation. The patches could be flags that actually relate to the map you’re in so that you wouldn’t, for instance, see a Russian flag in an American map. Other patches could be in game organisations, such as the police, Scorpion 7 and whatever new organisations get added into the lore of UII.

  2. Have an editor that allows some customisation. You’d have say, a rectangle in which you can drag in some premade symbols/lines to make a custom emblem, but not to the point where people are making swastikas or hammer and sickles. Think of it like banners in Minecraft (cringy analogy, I know).

Of course, these two could also be in the game together. At the end of the day, people do like customisation and they should be allowed to do it, but not in a way that allows various hate symbols/inappropriate things to be done in the game.

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I wish he’d just keep cosmetic clothing. I hate how II is promising to conform to other survival games, which would just ruin how unique Unturned is. Like, I know they’re going to be different games and all, but the “survival feel” is just the feel of any other boring, unoriginal survival game. I don’t want to be naked for like, 15 solid minutes. Cosmetics are good.

Also I, and a few other posters, have already suggested something like this multiple times.


OK, but the pass could be it’s own standalone DLC to pay for servers while there could be something very much like the gold upgrade that goes more directly to Nelson for spending on other Unturned things or for his private life.

Well thats neato. Something like the groups system except on steroids maybe? Maybe even a system so well designed it isn’t in-game or server-based, etc.

That would definitely be a cool or neat idea! Though for group aspect though, I doubt they’d have a good time with this one, since they’d all need to find the same patches across the map, which would be extremely infuriating and not worth the time over a purely cosmetic item - which is why I suggested they be preset things you can sorta choose from out-of-game, er idk

Well thats a good idea, too. Some generic shapes and all the basic / intermediate colors would be cool, maybe as basic colors as the one’s in Halo. Not too specific and all over the place, but not too bland or basic. Halo also has tons of shapes that can’t be exploited to make out something inappropriate or NSFW. Heres what it’s emblem system looks like.

Unique? Rust does the same stuff… Lots of other games do the same stuff.

I liked cosmetics up to a specific point. Sure, at first it was all cool and “wow mythicals are wack” but gun skins, vehicle skins, etc? I don’t like mythicals to begin with either. They take away from whatever survival atmosphere Unturned 3.x provided, which is sorta another reason I enjoyed the canada days back then.

Sure, theres some people in the game like me that don’t wear big flashy cosmetics to flex, rather the same boring outfit to stand out and be recognized from my characters clothing and face. But then you have… abominations in the game that kinda ruin the atmosphere entirely.

Simply having the ability to choose a skin color that isn’t real takes away from the game, and promoted people to using naked green skins over having an actual character. More serious games like Rust obviously don’t allow such nonsense, and they go as far as to not even allowing the player to choose how they look, because afterall in real life we don’t get to choose what we’re born as.

Thats why I like the emblem idea. You’d still need to find in-game clothes that are compatible with emblems, you wouldn’t get them as soon as you spawn or anything. Plus with no cosmetics you can very easily tell what clothes is which. Rust faces this problem in a way because all the clothes can have different textures which IMO makes it harder to distinguish what you’re actually wearing, but at least the model is the same. In Unturned which most of the shirt models will be the same besides sleeve length it’d be ever harder to identify what someones wearing if they could apply a different texture / a cosmetic to it.

TL;DR to your comment Unturned could be a cool survival game with cosmetics that doesn’t also ruin the atmosphere of the game / the survival

Personay I think mythicals should be scrapped altogether. Flying skulls and weird shit just looks real stupid, but I like my plaid shirts and tuxedo tops and that kinda thing. Maybe if they’re kept sensible looking that would be nice, because I can kinda see where he’s coming from.

I hate the cosmetics in 3. They can be used to hide what clothing you’re wearing to give you an advantage and people can just buy all white clothing to hide in snowy areas.

II should not have cosmetics that hide clothing.


hardcore survival servers and that kinda shit should be able to “disable” cosmetics, so that stuff like that couldn’t happen. For classic vanilla and PvP servers I want to look my best, though. no nudists

You’ll be surprised at what people with a dirty mind can come up with.

Excuse me…

You could edit your emblem with a pixelated palet, also , the svastika is initially a peace symbol from Asia .
In my opinion, it would be a great way to show where our group come from.
Other way would a pixelated variant of the group picture from steam ?
We could also have patch and emblems from world countries , you would give yourselves thoses and put thoses on your outfits .

A swastika is different from that, the peace one is the other way around.

Okay? It’s not like there’s a clan of Auschwitz survivors who would get flashbacks playing Unturned. You can easily say something far more offensive or soul crushing in text or voice chat than you would make by drawing a swastika, and yet no one is saying they shouldn’t be included.

you can put a swastika unicode symbol (卐) on a flag or sign in 3.0. Won’t be that big of a deal.


But a swastika is just an example of potential* offensive emblems, and I was just piggy backing off n3rf’s post as to why an emblem editor might be a bad idea.

Either way, I still prefer the preset emblem customisation.