IF cosmetics were to be added, what kind of restrictions would there be?

We already know 4.0 is supposed to be mega cool survival game. But generating revenue is always cool, because idk something something necessary evil.

not gonna bother making a quality post. just a few polls for what you think.

  • If 4.0 had cosmetic clothes for characters, they should have any theme or crazy looks as they do in 3.0
  • 4.0 cosmetics should strictly make sense to the survival theme, nothing flashy, nothing crazy like spacesuits or snakes.

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  • 4.0 Weapon skins can exist, so long as Nelson intentionally over-saturates them like he did in 3.0 so they can’t be used for an advantage
  • 4.0 Weapon skins can exist, so long as they fit the survival theme (No futuristic hypertech crap or etc)
  • 4.0 Weapon skins can be just like 3.0, because dont fix something if it aint broke

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  • Nelson should continue implementing special cosmetics (Such as the colored berets) for special players in 4.0
  • Nelson should stop the practice of special cosmetics

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throwback to my emblem idea for easy advertising and another fresh poll

For a brief explaination, certain clothes (or all clothes) in the game would have designated areas for emblems to show up, such as on the shoulders, or like the country flags we have in 3.0 now. This poll is about how emblems should be implemented. How should we obtain them? use them? create them?

  • -No emblems at all
  • -Purchasable emblems via the Steam Market (Emblem-Packs or Individual Emblems for sale)
  • -Preset emblems
  • -Preset emblems /w a DLC that unlocks more emblems (just like gold in 3.0 unlocks more faces)
  • -Lootable in-game emblem patches
  • -Emblem editor with full control and customization
  • -Emblem editor with limited options and or colors
  • -Emblems that can be curated and voted to be in the game

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Some people are talking about game-mode specific cosmetics. Would you be ok with cosmetics in other modes like Arena, so long as they aren’t in survival?

  • yes
  • no

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Fine with emblems, as long as they aren’t payed in anyway. Cosmetics should be allowed to be wacky, but Nelson needs to be more strict on what he lets in, no High Tier looking stuff.

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When it comes to ‘realistic’ weapon skins, I have no doubt in my mind that crazy shit would totally exist in a real apocalyptic scenario, so to say only actual camouflages should be in-game is a bit boring, but if you purposely wanted to put a ‘flashy’ skin on for fun, you should absolutely be able to, as long as it doesn’t completely stand out of place in the setting of the game.

Emblems and patches are a bit more strict in my perfect scenario. You’re gonna end up with penises and other childish things regardless of how well you restrict it yet make them customizable. Would much rather have curated ones and Nelson’s own designs, or workshop content for servers.

My Black Ops 4 masterpiece

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When it comes to survival mode I really don’t want to see any kinds of flashy bright animated skins with stat counters and all of the other stuff that we have in 3.0. But I would like to see all kinds of skins in the Horde, Arena and Escape mode, there I would be fine with the kinds of skins that we have in 3.0.

added new poll


I like the patches/ emblems, because nelson can continue with the special cosmetic things.

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If he adds a setting to hide all cosmetics he can do whatever he wants imo.

  1. No crazy kiddie cosmetics
  2. No camouflage cosmetics
  3. Stuff like outfits and whatnot would be cool

Overall I like your idea!

This would be interesting. Like War Thunder, the option to toggle seeing non-historical or non-semi historical skins on friend and foe alike, only in the context of UII it’d mean crazy skins/crazy but grounded in reality somewhat/pure camouflage

Markings on clothing like emblems were things I thought about in the past. For team-based gamemodes, it’d make it a lot easier for identifying between friend and foe or just for more decorative uniforms and rank identification.

Since this Game-Mode specific thing has been added after my original reply I’ll put my thoughts here instead. I’m fine with it as long as it’s ether less expensive than normal cosmetics, as you can’t wear them everywhere else. Alternatively, they could be additional styles of existing cosmetics.

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My problem with the whole “idc aslong as it isnt survival” problem is that I imagine 4.0 will be very much like Gmod, where everything is split into different game-modes. So if players can create their own game-modes, there will be no cosmetics for them, that is if all cosmetics are explicitly only for individual game-modes.

So then you’d have a bunch of difficulty when people do create these new modes, such as my planned TTT one.

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I agree with the general reasoning behind your problem with the idea, but I disagree with the insinuation that U4 (main gamemode is survival, which is officially maintained) would be similar to Garry’s Mod (largely a community-driven sandbox in terms of activities for players).

My problem is that the core gamemode is survival, and limiting cosmetics to still-official but not-as-prioritized gamemodes like Arena, Escape, and Horde devalues the players’ purchases.

It’d make far more sense to just have cosmetics be applied to individual clothing items, rather than cover up anything placed in a clothing slot. This is especially true with how the “holstered items” showcase mechanic works, and how modular clothing attachments are to exist.

Cosmetics express who you are

So essentially rusts system. Applying skins to literally everything, such as clothes, buildings, or etc.

I disagree with this system because the texture/model will be changed. New players, or players that just dont touch cosmetics may have a hard time realizing that your futuristic stick is just an makeshift axe.

While I’m fine with texture changes, I do not support model changes, nor do I believe a majority of the skins in Rust’s system do such a thing (some skins cut out portions of the original model but are otherwise identical). Item silhouette is more important than the gun’s texture, and the fact that players may be able to spray paint their guns and such anyways makes that more true.

Regardless, a system of applying cosmetics to individual items still makes more sense in fixing issues like not being able to know what armor someone has, if any. If someone’s issue was specifically with skins that make axes textured like futuristic sticks, then they should be arguing against guidelines that allow for those skins to be accepted instead of against a system like Rust’s, which isn’t relevant to the actual design of the item just how it’s applied.

That being said, I was referring exclusively to clothing cosmetics anyways, not weapon skins. I also hold the belief that players in both U3 and U4 should just be able to outright viewing all cosmetics/skins entirely, even for other players.

Item texures, still, would be a problem. Hundreds of shirts in 3.0 are basically the same exact 2D model plastered onto our skin. I dont think 4.0 clothes will be so different (even if 3D) in model and depth that we could distinguish between a military top model vs a sweater model (assuming the textures are missing or changed cosmeticly)

Then don’t allow drastically changing the texture. Military clothing has pretty visually distinguished camo patterns, for example. Cosmetics shouldn’t be making camouflaged clothing suddenly into the Squid Hoodie, for example.

But that’s an easier example considering it’s military clothing vs civilian clothing.

A hoodie and sweater are more similar, I’d presume. Though, the hoodie has an actual hood and has hoodie strings while a sweater doesn’t. They’re also both items you’d think would have very similar stats to the point of it not being as relevant as it is with high-end gear.

EDIT: One could also argue that some items just shouldn’t have cosmetics at all, or at least not a large variety of them.

Solution: Community servers with non survival vanilla gamemode allow skins?

Or: line of code which you can choose to have skins on your server/gamemode

I would definitely support a server-wide option where cosmetics can be disabled for everyone but the wearer. This way the wearer can look at his nice skins but not be affected too much in-game in a positive or a negative way

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