UII Emblems / Clothing Customization Idea


Except that most people will take offense and I will personally raid any base that has that symbol on it.


In response to everyone complaining abut swastika’s and what not.

Should we particularly care, though? Look at games like Rust for instance where people are allowed limitless opportunities to ‘express’ themselves however they want with their paint signs, canvas, etc.

Not saying I agree with it, just putting it out there that the game could be more survival-backed by allowing more free in-game choice, even if it’s inappropriate behavior by having explicit, wrong emblems or flags. Inappropriate behavior towards other players on the other hand of course could be dealt with by the servers staff

edit: I do however extremely prefer the premade emblems, because then nelson could capitalize on it further like I said by offering a gold-like upgrade that unlocks more, or by selling emblems individually or in packs which could generate further revenue.


As far as I know, Nelson doesn’t want an economy in UII. I believe the only paid for thing will be the official server pass. He doesn’t need to capitalise on something like that, but sure, the opportunity is there.

An optimal system as I stated in my original comment is both lootable emblems/clothing patches and ones you can make with a limited editor. With the editor you could also have downloadable designs that have curated by the community, and with a standard set and ontop of that they have to be approved. This still allows people to make their designs, but inappropriate/offensive emblems won’t get through.


My pirate emblem is definitely coming through


I’m sure he’d love to provide more content while also making personal money. What incentives are for nelson to continue making the game if he won’t get atleast a little bit in return? I don’t see a problem with it. It’s not like it would introduce unfair P2W measures, purely fun stuff - which I don’t mind.

And I still agree with something like this


I would definitely prefer that premade emblems be symbols of accomplishment that are earned through completing achievements rather than being a purchaseable sense of pride and accomplishment.

As for custom emblems, I’d say that there’s two ways to implement them:

  1. Try to police the content. (Would be far easier to police if It were restricted to pass holders. Need functionality to report players for inappropriate emblems, atleast on official servers. Privately owned servers or end-users should be able to disallow custom emblems.

  2. Restrict the customization. (Seems to be the more popular solution on this thread, so I don’t really need to show examples of how it could be implemented.)

Personally, I don’t see the point of having a customization system, if you’re going to take the customization out of it.

Awww, that’s so cute! <3


Kind of against the cosmetic skins that Nelson doesn’t want in this game, but what if people designed patches and people voted on them such as the curated skins in Unturned 3.0? That way people could get cool designs voted in and if they find a patch, they can wear it as a little show off.


This would be a cool addition. Free players get presets and pass owners get an editor.

But maybe the way you’d get access to these would be by picking up a badge item, that would be the very top layer of clothing, and would go on either the shoulders or front torso on either corner.

For the editor, I suggest a grid of squares that can be coloured, to fit the art style better. Below is an example of 8x8, 6x6 and 4x4 grids. They have different sizes because I used the same pixels for every square, but picture them the same proportions.

Colours available would be as many as with the RGB sliders in 3.0 .



I want my sickle and hammer


Rust is the game where dongers hang low.


It’d be cool to have a team, and have a group emblem for vanilla/survival/open PVP servers. So all your vehicles could have a team emblem you could paint on them. Also you could paint it on walls and stuff to mark your territory or something, that’d be cool


What is this, GTA?

Given the resources lying around, that’s quite possible. It’d either be, like the emblems, preset designs or custom, vetted by people on the Steam Workshop that people can use.


i’d like that, it’d be great


Just to help make things seem a bit clearer, I’m going to make a poll about all the different ways discussed.

  • No system at all
  • Purchasable emblems through Steam Market
  • Preset emblems
  • Lootable patches
  • Editor with full control
  • Editor with limited options
  • Emblems that can be curated

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It’s weird to me how you’re able to have a shirt looking thing plastered on you which can magically materialise or disappear in an instant and provides no space. One of the reasons I dislike cosmetics IN SURVIVAL. They could be a fairly interesting thing in arena or horde, sure, but they don’ t fit survival.




That would also be cool. Like the side door of a military jeep has your emblem on it and what not


I’ll make a poll similar in the actual post :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, that would be really cool


Good idea but there should be a thing where you can send your emblems to people without prem pass if they are in the same group as you or smthing