Something something Apex Legends is a good example of content that should be in II

Not saying turn Unturned into a gigantic BR lootbox sim, however, if you’ve remotely played A :b:ex or have watched people play it you know it’s a pretty decent game that is very reliant on teamplay.

You can mark things, your character says things to confirm or assure their teammates, and more.

I think Unturned characters saying things would be in of its own work, and sounds like a neat concept in general whereby players could choose a voice and go with it. Perhaps only teammates could hear them.

But marking things? Unturned I already has markers, atleast on the map. Theres even a plugin that provides a physical visual graphic, as shown

Clearly that isn’t a very great marker in of itself, and it’s not a 2D GUI. I think Nelson could add real markers, and it would make things better in general - this stuff especially ties in with my “Better Together” update ideas.

More cooperation, and more fluent gameplay. This is one of the core reasons Apex is so great. You can queue up with random people that don’t even have microphones and still cooperate to a great extent through voicelines and markers.

is this a shitpost?

no, but I couldn’t be bothered to put in super over-the-top details, explainations, or etc. you guys get the point

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And now that I’ve thought about it I’ve never really seen anyone create a suggestion or idea regarding player voices before. That would be neat.

I feel like I suggested this, and it wasn’t well received.


I’m not sure how I feel about marking things like this. We can already mark items on maps (and more importantly on compasses) so I don’t really see the need to implement this.

Also, don’t forget that people can use voice chat to give callouts (or better yet use Discord); and fixing the “point” emote in UII has also been addressed, so you can also use that to mark something.


you can mark things on fortnite as well, next.

voice acting is unlikely. Stick to your mic.


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Huh. I see now. Actually those comments will serve a good foundation of Q/A and I’ll happily use them

Voice acting could be disabled, perhaps instead of choosing female/male voice you can choose none. This could also be a server config to disable speech, for certain servers as the one described

@Number_one Not everyone I meet in game has the time to accept my friend request on steam, accept a discord invite, and go through the process of joining my steam group and being verified in my discord. And again, this disregards people with no mic

@Pork You can mark coordinates, not items. In Apex when you mark an item it directly marks the XYZ of that item, and the marker communicates to the others about what the item is. This is definitely way different than the current system of “marking” that we have

Refer to above Q/A

@Pork You can point to mark something? Like… holding c and actually pointing…? That sounds like it will get as tedious and ridiculous as Unturned I’s crafting menu (compared to easier ways, like Rusts master building tool)


@FlodotelitoKifo Refer to earlier Q/A. Not everyone has one. Not everyone wants to use it infront of strangers, etc.

Despite both games being fundamentally different, they require great and effective communication. Every survival-like game needs it. At the bottom line, both Apex and Unturned have looting and “”“surviving”"" at their core, arguably the difference is your goals.


@anon42100029 Again, referring to above Q/A they’re both about surviving, fighting, and looting - which requires great communication.

This is an excellent idea, but honestly I wouldn’t mind if U2 directly ripped off Apex, whereby characters speak for themselves and marking things is incredibly fast/convenient. Apex sets a great standard, and theres need to fix something that isn’t broken, you know?

that’s the person’s problem. Their fault if they’d rather buy cheetos everyday rather than saving up for a good mic (which is probably pretty cheap, dunno)

ok it’s about $15 dollars

wow great argument you truly destroyed me.

yeah, but one is a battle royale with definitive characters and one is a survival game with different characters created by the game.
If Nelson were to implement voice lines, hopefully he makes it like Fallout 4(?) or Tomodachi Life: a preset voice, and you change the pitch, accent, etc.
But again, voice lines don’t fit the game at all. I’m ok with the pinging system, but a voice line isn’t required at all.


This should totally be a thing in Unturned II. I can’t count the amount of times when I’m on voice chat and there’s a situation where you gotta help your teammate locate the enemy (or vice versa) and it’s just ‘right there’ ’ behind the tree’ ‘at the window’.

This type of marker system is present in some games already (notably for me TABG) and it helps immensely.
I can understand some players being concerned with it making some things to easy (like communication I guess) but at the very least it should be an optional setting, the more freedom there is with optional settings, the better.


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MY ENTIRE TEAM CANT DESCRIBE SHIT. But I mean, thats just a fundamental problem in general to be honest. It’s hard to describe “oh hes behind that one tree over the hill” when theres hundreds of trees over the hill, and at that point you’re screaming at him “YOU MUST BE BLIND”

The kind of 3D marker system, yes, I understand what you mean by TABG. It’s pretty cool, but I think 2D GUI markers like the ones in Apex would be smoother and far more clean.

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Characters created by… the player? Not the game? :thinking: or are you hinting that all players are actually pre-determined by the game and we subconsciously create them? hmmmm

Thats what I mean - Preset male/female voices. Pitch changes would be cool, but going as far as accents would require Nelson hiring multiple voice actors from different regions that all happen to have great microphones. I don’t think its impossible to go around collecting accents for voices, but it would definitely be cool.

Imagine if we had accents in 3.0 for all the maps in the game? German, American, Canadian, French, Irish, Russian, Greek, Hawaiian (if that exists?)

I personally think they would fit in the game. And again, its one of those cases of “if you don’t like it, you can disable it” so I don’t see a problem with supporting the idea, or at-least being neutral with it.

Pinging very cool yes @FlodotelitoKifo @FlodotelitoKifo @FlodotelitoKifo

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It’s important to note that UII’s items won’t have outlines, meaning that you actually have to search for items. I feel that being able to just mark out what the item is and where it is exactly would seem cheap, whereas using callouts and actually communicating should be encouraged.

Not exactly, afaik it will be more like selecting the point emote as we have it now, and it will stay pointing, until you do something else (reloading, selecting weapon, etc)


which is what I’m suggesting. Callouts & markers. If UII items wont have outlines that simply makes finding them hard, but once you find them pinging it and telling others that the item exists would be very helpful and should be easy. Make the distinction between initially finding the item and communicating / sharing that items whereabouts

So… uhm… Ok. Throw back real quick to this argument

You want the player to stop deadstill in a gunfight to dequip their weapon, then point at where the enemy is and keep it pointed until your teammates notice it? Talk about terrible QOL. Maybe brainstorm about why Apex devs didn’t want their players to dequip and point at shit in order to mark it.

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Fine, so long as the ping is unobtrusive and cannot be spammed.

I was still referring to items at that point, and ofc course Apex wouldn’t want their players to dequip their weapon to point at things, they’re just supposed to shoot at players and loot guns, which both glow with a nice neon hue.


my bad, I had a stroke. Yeah, created by the player.

yeaah, I’m cool with this, regarding accents it could end up as a generalization (so for example, latino accent, american accent, etc. the main ones).

not that much of a issue if he adds it anyways, but again, it doesn’t seem like a normal thing in the majority of survival games.


Well, define unobstructive? I’m intrigued

I hope not. Atleast a basic 3s cooldown, and you cant mark the same item. Thus you’d need two items and a lot of patience to annoy people.

The theory stands

That would be pretty neat too. Unturned has a large Russo / Brazilian population, so that could be a thing.

Well, U2 doesn’t have to be a generic unoriginal survival game that grabs all of its ideas from other survival games (BR not included, please no point out the hypocrisy).

I’ve never seen any other survival game incorporate these kinds of ideas, and I think if Unturned can execute it nicely it will work well and provide nice content.

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I was thinking of a very basic triangle, nothing too complex.


Oh visually obstructive. Yeah, nothing too complex <3

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