Player Genetics

So me and the boys were cracking a cold one and were just brainstorming about what kinds of realistic things could be added to 4.0. I’d very much like it to be as realistic as possible, and we were thinking about Rust for some examples. One example in Rust is how your character is unchangeable. You are who you are. You can’t choose to be Black, White, Latino, Hispanic, or a green dood. Your facial features are what you are born with.

Not particularly what I want to suggest, I think player customization is a big thing / culture of Unturned and we shouldn’t particularly take that away, but the simple idea of “You are who you are”.

We thought of Genetic Defects / Disorders. All players would spawn with one. Perhaps it could change every time you die (though I see this being exploited by people that will just intentionally kill themselves to get the most percievingly easiest disorder). Or maybe, just like Rust, it could be attached to your permanent S64ID and you could never really change it. Disorders would bring passive / active effects to the player, something they’d have to deal with throughout their survival.

I think it would definitely make survival much more… like surviving. Players are super-soldiers in almost every game with literally no downsides, as if they have perfect genetics. I think this would also, seemingly, somehow, in a way promote a team effort to help each others disabilities / disorders.

Some defects I thought of on the top of my head were

  • Nearsightedness - “A condition in which close objects appear clearly, but far ones don’t.”
    Players naturally were born with a genetic defect of being Near Sighted. Objects close to them and items they are holding appear fine, but more distant objects become slightly blurred as the distance increases. A fix for the disease is as simple as finding the correct type of glasses - glasses could be fragile or etc and have durability. Maybe there could be one tier of glasses that can withstand more and is more durable. Glasses could be found in mega stores / malls, eye doctor places, other general medical facilities such as a hospital, or simply found in civilian houses (assuming the people pre-apoc also suffered genetic disorders)

    (Again I’m not great with GIMP. Realistically it would get blurrier the farther an object is, but obviously I can’t do distances)

  • Farsightedness - “A vision condition in which nearby objects are blurry.”
    Players naturally were born with a genetic defect of being Far Sighted. Objects close to them such as ones they’re holding out / have equipt appear blurry. Sights may be a little more difficult to use, but the target they’re aiming at (assuming is farther away) will seem fine. A fix for the disease is as simple as finding the correct type of glasses - speaking of, there could also be Bifocals in the game that could treat both Far and Near sightedness. Also perhaps there could be contact lenses in which you’d need to clean or find new ones (idk how I’d balance them and I dont wear contacts, so…)

    (I’m not great with GIMP, its a mere example)

  • Hemophilia - “A disorder in which blood doesn’t clot normally.”
    Players were born with a genetic defect of having naturally bad blot clotting. Players shot, slashed, hit, struck by zombies, or even small scrapes could be serious harm and affected by blood loss. Players with this will continue to bleed, and bleed, and bleed. Perhaps they stop bleeding eventually, perhaps it never stops till they tend to their wound. Perhaps different tiers of bleeding could be added to the game and people with Hemophilia constantly retain their bleeding tier / status while normal players slowly get better over time. Obviously general medical supplies that would uh… stop bleeding out help stop the bleeding.

  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy - “An inherited disorder of progressive muscular weakness, typically in boys.”
    Players were born with a genetic defect of naturally and progressively loosing their muscle strength and stamina. Players will, passively, over time deal less damage with melee’s and will run out of stamina faster, and will not be able to run nearly as fast as when they spawned over the course of multiple hours. A fix for the disease could be simple Steroids, a medical item that helps them withstand their weakness and restore their full muscular ability. Such items obviously could be found at practitioners, hospitals, pharmacies, and some civilian houses (assuming the people pre-apoc also suffered genetic disorders)

  • Type 1 Diabetes - “A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.”
    Players were born with a genetic defect causing basically no insulin in the blood stream. Players have an increased perceived thirst, hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision along with other stuff. A fix would be to find Insulin at medical facilities and etc, and inject them just how you’d inject Morphine / Vaccines.

  • Marfan syndrome - “An inherited disorder that affects connective tissue.”
    Players were born with a genetic defect that gave them a naturally tall and thin body. They have long arms, legs, and fingers. They suffer from multiple symptoms such as some visual problems, high blood pressure, scoliosis, and some others. An obvious problem is the extra height - possibly and more than likely negative in PvP. They may have difficulty handling certain things due to longer arm length (insert creative idea for what would be difficult) A fix could be some simple blood pressure medicine. /shrug. I’m starting to get into the disorders that I can’t particularly agree would be good for the game, simply brainstorming them.

  • Achondroplasia - “The most common type of short-limbed dwarfism.”
    Players were born with a genetic defect that gave them a naturally short body. They have short arms and legs, and often have an enlarged head. They suffer from low blood pressure, and maybe some other things. The obvious problem is being shorter, and the enlarged head - which may affect PvP. Shorter legs may also make movement / max foot speed slower / running out of stamina faster. They may have difficulty handling certain things due to arm length (notably when reaching for things, such as handling a long Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle that needs the bolt cocked back after each shot). One fix may be medicine to help with the blood pressure.

  • CRISPR Technology - “CRISPR is a family of DNA sequences found within the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria and archaea. These sequences are derived from DNA fragments from viruses that have previously infected the prokaryote and are used to detect and destroy DNA from similar viruses during subsequent infections”

CRISPR Technology could be overwhelmingly rare injections or what not that could have a chance (or just 100% chance, OR PERHAPS the chance rate could be determined on the CRISPR vaccine’s durability) to ‘cure’ and permanently fix whatever disorder you have. I’m not entirely sure if this should even be added, but just a mere suggestion. Perhaps it could be common and you loose it’s benefit on death. Perhaps it could be rare and stay as a permanent benefit with your character until a specified time such as a week, etc.

I can’t really think of nor find anymore genetic disorders that are worthwhile or common to add to the list. If you have any suggestions on disorders, or specifics about a certain disorder then please tell.

Also, of course, there could be positive genetics involved in the game, but I decided to just focus on negative ones for now. So if you pull up with the argument along the lines of “nobody would want this garbage it only gives downsides” - there could also be upsides.


I think this is an interesting idea, I think the CRISPR and the disorders could be a bit of a stretch but maybe it’d be like in most RPGs where u have certain strengths and weaknesses. I think that unturned doesn’t really suit this kind of specificity although maybe a similiar concept but with diseases where instead of disorders if you become sick with something you could be affected by these. I.E migraines or stuff like that where your vision would be impaired. Or if you stand by a fire for too long you get like smoke in ur lungs and for some time can’t hold your breath for as long. Just an idea I like this but even with my own idea i think it’d be quite complicated for a game as simple as unturned. *simple in a good way.

This is a decent suggestion, but some of the stuff is a bit excessive.

I like the idea of the sight disorders, (I’m nearsighted in rl) and a couple others. But some are a bit excessive.

Instead of a disorder specific to losing skills, how about we make it so skills degrade over time in general if you don’t maintain them.

The blood clotting disorder seems interesting, though maybe it should just be it takes longer for them to heal. It would be rather annoying to say keep using blood packs, but to never stop bleeding.

All in all, this is an interesting idea. Albeit a tad bit strange.


Well, genetics would directly have to do with a players starting Strengths / Weaknesses. So theres that.

Diseases would have similar effects, yes, but wouldn’t bring as much to the table as genetic disorders such as sight.


I cant see $%^!@ irl lol

Well thats how I set this up. If you don’t maintain and manage the health of your disorders then you will suffer the effects over time. Maybe all genetic diseases could be like this, where they increasingly get worse / degrade until you decide to treat them - which would incentive groups to work together and get the proper mediciation and materials (such as glasses) for each other. Group work incentive, and importance of medicine increased - something I think we need compared to 3.0

Well of course constantly bleeding is a bit excessive. I thought simply putting a bandage / dressing onto the wound to you know, perform as a artificial clot would work (I’m not familiar with Hemophilia IRL, so idk if thats good enough to actually help - but it would still be balanced). I wanted to include in the post a more straightforward reasoning of “2x-3x longer bleed time” but wanted to make it a bit more in-depth. /shurggggggg

Thanks. I’ve always thought of something like this regarding player health / genetics.

I think traits would be a better idea, if you wanted a good starting character you would need some bad traits for some good. But I don’t want to be forced into having a disorder. Most people don’t have one so it wouldn’t make sense if everyone in the apocalypse would have one.
But good idea anyway, just optional would be nice.

It’s quiet dangerous, a nose bleed could kill, or a paper cut that bleeds.
People with it have to have platelets transfusions often, a little hard in the apocalypse. But having a slow healer or slow to stop bleeding would be cool.
Essentially the body produces no platelets.

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If so then for balance sake, then I think It’d just be better for bleeding to be stopped with the proper, most efficient equipment - not rags and etc.

While some disorders might be interesting as debuffs, you have to take in mind that the survivors are there because they survived from being “Turned”, meaning that it is very likely that it is a genetic thing that some people, i.e. survivors, have a resistance to. This is evidenced by the fact that survivors survived the initial outbreak and didn’t feel any illness caused by it, and that players take simple damage from zombie-caused infections, not turning into one instead, even when near one and even touching blood. That said, since the gene for that seems relatively rare considering the amount of survivors, it would mean that the survivors can be considered having stronger genes, thus stronger immune systems.

What I would rather see instead of genetical defects/disorders would be randomly chosen statistical buff/debuffs that affect how much exp is needed to upgrade certain skills, in a chart kinda like this (not as crappy tho):
The left column shows difficulty of progression, the other of ease of progression. Having -3 bars mean that you take 30% more exp to learn a skill while having +7 means another skill takes 70% less exp to upgrade.

Alternatively, players on spawn could chose between a random buff and debuff on spawn, randomly choosing one of 3 positive choices and 3 negative choices, categorized into tiers of how severe they are, with the player always having to pick between 3 of equal severity. A pick your poison kinda thing that might sometimes happen.


Were going back in fuckin time when antibiotics weren’t invented

Call up Christopher, Hes gonna need this for his adventure towards the cancer land america.
Contained with SJWS and Bethseda

(i don’t mean america is cancer, it just went to shit over time)

Random chance of having genes that are immune to a virus =/= ‘stronger’ overall genes / immune system. Some people are resistant to diseases yet have genetic diseases like the ones listed, or more common ones like ADHD/HDD.

These negative/positive choices are basically kinda what I was going for with Genetics. Each genetic disease would have a corresponding positive effect for the player.

Though thats neat, thats more to do with experience and etc rather than perks/buffs and debuffs

I really don’t want dumb luck to decide how easy or hard it will be to survive in this life; I really don’t care for choosing genetics either, as I don’t think it would really fit in UII (Achondroplasia seems super odd, and the farsighted and nearsighted genetics looks like a fast way to get motion sickness)

I would rather choose to not have positive genetics, just to not have to deal with negative genetics.


we gotta deal with this gay genes shit enough irl, don’t bring it into my block zombie game

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Antibiotics don’t cure that (Hemophilia)

i don’t want to seem blunt here, but i don’t fuckin know medical stuff. i thought it was the cure to everything

Having essential parts of the game be made more difficult for the sole reason of being more difficult isn’t fun or engaging. It detracts from the overall gameplay experience because your character got a shitty RNG debuff and can’t fix it without rare endgame items, putting you at a disadvantage until you drown yourself after spawning or get shot. That’s not at all fun or balanced, because if it’s a rare chance the disability will put you at a serious disadvantage and if you tried to even the playing field by giving everyone a disability, it becomes less fun for everyone.

As for positive effects, again it becomes a case of If one person gets it due to RNG they’re now at an artificial advantage, and if they’re up against somebody with an artificial disadvantage it’s even more unfair and vice versa, so do you balance it by giving everyone an artificial buff?

Overall it’s a gameplay and balance disaster waiting to happen, and I’d much rather Nelson allocate his time to something more important. Sure real life might not always be fair and Unturned II is going for a more realistic route but in a game balance determines how enjoyable it is, and if it’s not enjoyable, nobody is going to play it.


When I skimmed through the suggestion and didn’t read the end, I thought that these would all be negatives that would just make the player commit suicide so he can get better genetics. But seeing that good ones might be added to your suggestion, I do see this being something cool.

The problem I thought of is that some disorders are much more worse than others. A little shortsightedness is not as bad as fucking haemophilia, so an obvious solution is to give each genetic a score based on how good or bad it is.

Here’s the example: You could have a negative genetic with a score of 2, and then based on that, it narrows down the good genetic condition to one with 2 as well. Doing this means that if you have something bad, you will have something good to balance it out, and the genetic score always needs to be at 0, or alternatively it can be changed to a different number, such as +1 for easy and -1 for hard so that the genetics are not as bad or worsened. This would also make it so you have the chance to have no genetic traits that are considered good or bad, and just being at 0.

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It’s unnecessary simply because of what it is. This is the kind of shit you want in Unturned? Really?

“oh yeah go play that new unturned game, you have a chance of being fucking nearsighted so you can’t see everything as well, oh and its rng btw”

Like, having shitty eyesight is bad enough IRL, I really don’t feel like having to deal with it in Unturned of all games as well.


Such features would rather fit into some ArmA mod for hyper-realistic server, not vanilla Unturned.

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Imagine waking up in a wheelchair when spawning for the first time


As said in my comment, there’s a way to balance it so that for downsides there’s an equal upside so genetics are genetic. You could be nearsighted, but you could be strong as well. It’s a good trade off.

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