Patch Notes

  • Improved material auto-updating for standard shaders, and in particular some unexpected transparent cases e.g. the facility glass on Hawaii. These maps asset bundles will be updated to 2018.4 soon, but have been useful for testing the auto-update feature.

  • Fixed wheel mass for Russia Ghost and France Rally Compacts.

  • Fixed exporting high resolution icons from the workshop icon tool.

  • Fixed a few cases with auto-updating older SpeedTrees, and hopefully sorted out a missing shader variant for some tree stumps.

  • Restored outlines for tooltips and the FPS counter.

  • Added “Sale” alert label for Stockpile button.

P.S. The 2019 Steam Halloween Sale is now live, and for the first time Unturned item bundles are discounted in the Stockpile! Browse Discounts Here

I was a bit late on posting this one here, my apologies. In case any wanted to know about what this patch was about, here it is.


ok cool :eyes:

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