Update Notes

A medium+ sized map set in northern Eurasia featuring high location density, a wider progression system with less reliance on RNG, plenty of unique experiences via quests, over 600 items, and an awesome looking bridge (two, in fact). With its fast paced design (inspired by Elver & Washington) and informative item descriptions, it’s easy for anyone to pick up, learn and enjoy.

Watch the A6 Polaris Trailer Here

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2898548949) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to “A6 Polaris” (without quotes) in Commands.dat.

For the next two weeks a variety of exclusive new free items will be dropping:

This project was created by danaby2, Renaxon and LVOmega. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the box or bundle on the Stockpile:

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Nelson Try Not to Detonate Spaghetti Code Bomb Challenge


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The ‘‘official’’ sizes are still only small, medium and large or are there other types ?

The preset sizes are small/medium/large. Technically you can still do tiny/insane with some tomfoolery, but insane maps push the limit of what we support (and stuff can get weird at the edges). Using tiles, you can create custom map sizes and shapes. And using volumes, you can create custom world borders.

Many maps also include areas out-of-bounds now too, such as for questlines or safezones.


@MoltonMontro We can hope for a map overhaul in the future to support larger than insane maps. But that’ll require a full overhaul of the game. For now, I’ll settle for what we got.

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Not sure if we will ever see larger than insane maps coming since i have seen a lot of people on the Steam update logs complaining they can’t run A6 Polaris even though for me it runs smoothly.

As of the patch, Mac players may have noticed that there’s an error preventing them from playing on multiplayer servers. This is incredibly unfortunate, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re currently working on a patch. We’re hopeful to resolve this issue as soon as possible for our Mac community.


Following up to say that the patch has been released.

This should fix the multiplayer issues experienced by Mac players, along with resolving an ID conflict issue with Hawaii’s gliders.

Old announcement.