Update Notes

Server Browser Upgrade

The server browser has been overhauled with custom filter presets, icons and tooltips for every element, optional columns, map icons, and more!



  • New and improved server browser menus.
  • Allow_Freeform_Buildables [bool] option to gameplay config.
  • Priority_Over_Cosmetic [bool] option for clothing items. Override default NVG behavior.
  • Nightvision_Allowed_In_ThirdPerson [bool] option for NVGs. True for vanilla NVGs.
  • Date_Counter NPC condition for events that happen after a certain number of in-game days.
  • Food, water, and virus equivalents of health NPC reward type.
  • Event when admin uses freecam.


  • “Matchmaking” menu.


  • Increased nighttime brightness on all vanilla maps.
  • Detonators and Raw Explosives are available (rarely) in care packages.
  • 1911, Maschinengewehr, Luger, and Determinator have been moved from care packages to militia spawns.
  • Placeable vehicles default to locked, if supported.
  • Editor levels list tooltip indicates whether file is from workshop or local copy.
  • Reduced main menu news feed header and title font sizes.


  • France Crusader shirt and pants metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Alpha-17!]
  • Players able to queue exiting the same group multiple times. [Thanks rube200!]
  • Lavaflow shader alpha behaving differently after engine update. [Thanks Flodo and Molt!]
  • NPCs able to sell locked vehicles that ordinarily can’t be locked. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Item prefab override missing in character menu after state update. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Inconsistency in how item condition amount was counted in UI. [Thanks QERT2002!]
  • Adjust capitalization of server’s input map name after loading. [Thanks BeetMacol!]
  • RegionList constructor allocation performance cost. [Thanks archie426!]
  • Server with -SkipAssets kicking players for missing assets. [Thanks rube200!]

Map Updates

Renaxon has updated Arid several times recently with lots of new items, vehicles, and content:

Arid Changelog

Animatic has completely remade the Kuwait city of Miral in a recent update:

Kuwait Changelog


please make this an opt-in feature, some of my complaints can be found here
tldr, this changes the game in many negative ways

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I liked the free form option, maybe it was a mistake to set it to false by default? However I appreciate it was added as optional, no idea why everyones is mad about this if it is just optional

Now, about the server list new ui… I have no idea if this was necessary to make it more complex that it was before, now with those filter/presets things. Actually I made a whole re-do of the new ui Preview of Server List Changes in Next Unturned Update - #7 by ItsRodrigoAl which follows better the old and new UI (which I should re-do again to make it more clear)


A really interesting development. I like the nvg buff and plates definitely needed a change. Removal if definitely an option. While I get creativity is definitely blunted with this change. I would have preferred if plates were altered with their health (I.e. extremely easy to break - like 2-5 bullet shots) and metal plates were not unbreakable by small arms fire and essentially just more tanky wooden plates. But I think this is a step in the right direction and glad to see these changes. I hated the idea of plate spamming everywhere on maps ruining the look


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