3rd weapon slot (and how to make it work)

This is going to be a divisive one, but whatever.

I believe that unturned needs a third weapon slot and before you immediately tear into me like a pack of hungry bambis on a pile of loot, I am going to explain how the third slot should work.

With this hypothetical slot system you can either have:

A primary weapon, handgun ( or other four slot weapon), and a melee weapon

Or alternatively:

A primary weapon and a carbine (or other six slot weapon).

This system would add so much more variety to the game and would indirectly remedy some of the balance issues when in comes to guns. Handguns would be something other than the “guns you use until you find better ones”. Being able to run a melee weapon with one would be a legitimate reason to pick a handgun over a carbine as a sidearm. Essentially giving players the option between a more powerful secondary or the option to melee those pesky zombies. A true game changer and a mix-up that this game desperately needs right now.

Plus I am just sick of the assault rifle/katana combo being more or less the meta for the vanilla game for the past 3 1/2 years.

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Already been suggested multiple times in the past, probably won’t happen for 3.0.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea for 4.0 I’d be definitely accepting of a carbine/smg/pdw/whatever they’re literally all the same stopping you from being able to equip a melee weapon, while having a pistol means you can also equip a melee weapon.

Also I gotta break it to you, the katana was never a meta weapon. Butterfly Knife/Military Knife are both better.

Yes, Please.

A simple mirrored waist animation could do the trick, where your third weapon is kept opposite to your secondary. Certainly manageable for 3.0.