4.0 Concept: Backgrounds replacing skillsets in 4.0

Instead of skillsets that allow skills to be aquired for less exp and retain them after death, Backgrounds would provide one or two passive buffs right off the bat that your character might recall from their pre-apoc life. Keep in mind these are just concepts and some features listed may not even exist in 4.0.

Police - restrain and search the inventories of other players faster because of your service on the local force.

Farmer - You can forage natural plants that nobody else can, due to increased agricultural knowledge.

Firefighter - Increase to damage done with Axes, and an increase to ladder climbing speed.

Soldier - Decreased recoil and gun sway.

Pilot - Increased aircraft speed and handling.

Fisher - Increase to boat speed/handling and a greater chance of a better catch.

Racer - Greater land vehicle speed and handling.

Medic - Bonus healing to yourself and others as well as an extra charge for multi-use medical items.

Civilian (default) - no buffs.

Track Star - Increase to running and walking speed as well as an increase to stamina.

Diver - Swim faster and stay underwater for longer.

These would hopefully encourage team play by making everyone specialise in a certain area rather than a single player acting as a Jack of all trades.


I think civilians should have a super small yet still noticeable experience gain multiplier vs everyone else, e.g a 1.2x global XP gain vs other skillsets. If 4.0 works off of training the relevant skill as opposed to XP, then training will be 1.2x faster.

That way even being a civilian has a purpose.


Thats… Pretty reasonable. My original concept for Civvy was going to be that picking up tape, rope, glue, or other construction materials would have two charges due to resourcefulness.

This was my idea too, though I was thinking of it in the context of the “global experience pool” idea instead.

I didn’t post it though, since I’m not sure how I feel about backgrounds replacing skillsets. :thinking:


I was partly inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light.

If you aren’t aware, each race that exists in FTL has distinct advantages and disadvantages, but humans being a more default, standard race, as you would imagine are kinda boring like the civilian skillset in Unturned. In FTL though, humans learn skills slightly faster than other races, so I figured it would be fitting for Unturned as well.

Nice idea.
And holy shit I’m a Regular

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skillsets right now are only used for npc interactions and just reducing the cost of certain skills and doesn’t really matter what you choose

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yeah, i would love this to be in the actual 4.0 game
seems like it would add a nice little concept to the game which woud force pklayers to choose carefully rather than log off and back on just to waste only 50% of the required EXP for the skills

That’s good idea but with those buffs that you wrote people wouldn’t use anything other than Soldier/Track Star.

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