4.0 gun concepts

Here are some 4.0 gun concepts I made; i’ll be creating more in the next few days. Trying to remake all the current guns to be “4.0 friendly”. Each of this guns have roughly around 1k faces.


Thats remember me Shirfts cinema style.
Good job

the inaccuracies physically pain me (c7 with ringed handguard? eugh, but it looks nice so whatever. viper as hk33? literally get out) but it looks nice

As i said these are just concepts for 4.0 that i created; so none of it will be perfectly accurate. If you want to see something accurate then have a look at this HKG28 that i made:


0/10 not enough sand

Not enough salt.

fookin zero atta fookin ten, there ain’t sand every thearty fookin oinches so you can get foked

Very nicely done Prod, this deserves some proper praise.
How long have you been practicing 3D modeling?

Praise for their personal design style sure, but I give little props for it being “4.0 friendly.” They’re too different from 4’s “current” design style. Additionally, Prod’s model’s poly count is looking to be too high still, and there’s a handful of things that are over-detailed or look a bit wonky in proportions.

They’re also all missing triggers.


While they are very well done models, I do think that their level of detail and poly count is a bit too high for Unturned 4.0. I liked Orendi’s models better in terms of an aesthetic style that would seem reasonable for 4.0.

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Viper as a HK53

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


They’re more of high-poly recreations of the 3.0 guns, something out of the workshop.

Leave out ‘4.0 friendly’ unless you’ve managed to replicate the style

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I quoted “4.0 friendly” for a reason and they are concepts after all. Anyway thx for all the feedback.

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post titled 4.0 gun concepts but is for 3.0

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:thinking: (not trying to start an argument, models are pretty good anyway)

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