4.0 Mega-list of anticipated or down right expected features

I’m forwarding this from steam. I’m forwarding lots of stuff from steam. I don’t really like how steam works, and I really like how the SDG forums are setup. Plus, SDG forums is the ultra place for Unturned related content and stretches between all versions of Unturned, so being here is a lot more fitting for me.

Me and lots of friends decided to throw a list together or things we personally thought were missing from 3.0 (just in general) that should be re-worked or added to 4.0

And no, I don’t expect nelson to read this. If he does, I don’t expect him to add any of this

Add to the list in the comments if you want. Additions that are controversial / game-breaking / too OP / too debatable will not be added.

Here it goes for fun. Link to original post - https://steamcommunity.com/app/304930/discussions/5/1692659135905937822/

  • Hopefully Procedurably Generated Maps

  • Extremely more make-shift crafting aspects / make crafting your items worthwhile

  • Make snipers actual snipers cough cough, 350m only?

  • Make make-shift and crafted tools a core function

  • Make more resources than just multiple varients of wood and metal scrap

  • Somehow optimize RAM usage for the client and server because servers shouldn’t take over a GB of RAM to run (sometimes)

  • Heavily work on server hosting and add things like Permission Groups and a Plugin Workshop (basically the only reasons people use Rocket)

  • Collaberate less with other members of the community. Keep the game nelson-styled. Even if that means slower development.

  • Add an extreme amount of modding potential so there can be more than just maps, items, guns and vehicles

  • NPC editor for easy NPC editing

  • Though I believe only people dedicated enough to learn how to create and run a server should be running servers, make a button to create the server files and have a nice GUI. Lots of the negative reviews for Unturned are the kids crying about how it’s too hard to make a server.

  • If you have BattlEye, you don’t really need authoratative physics. Remove auth phys or give hosters the option to enable Epic mode (like you promised in 3.0) in 4.0 so car physics and a multitude of player movements are more fluid and realistic.

  • Nerf the car lock function, or just don’t have locking at all. Honestly, putting a car in a garage was and should have stayed the way to go for protecting your vehicles from theft

  • Make shotguns actually unique and more shotgun-like. Things like bigger spray-cone with much, much longer ranges would be nice to see.

  • Add make-shift ammo varients

  • Add time for crafting things

  • Add different ammo calibers (or not, meh)

  • Add different ammo types (tracer and fragmentation is stupid. I mean real different ammo types, like slugs for shotguns, etc)

  • Buff the ghillie visually

  • Add PEI as the first legitimate map to 4.0 (I will be very upset if it isn’t PEI)

  • Remove horde beacons entirely from 4.0

  • Maybe instead of bases decaying magically out of nowhere you could have a more rust-oriented system, whereas resources are put into a central crate to prevent the base from wearing / tearing down over time

  • Raiding tools should be the bang of the buck. The most hardest things to obtain ten fold

  • Make playing in groups a more ideal playstyle (I guess buffing snipers to oneshot would kinda do that)

  • Somehow address the server-to-client zombie attacks. I can run straight through crowds of zombies without a single hit, while in singeplayer (with no lag) that is virtually impossible.

  • Instead of adding sci-fi zombies (mega zomie seems pretty k though) work on zombie mechanics further. Zombies that are smart enough to side-step you (like the invisable one) seem cool, just don’t make them invisable maybe? The spitter zombies were also kinda alright

  • Have a centralized and moderated serverlist so that nelson (or people in power) may blacklist unfair / P2W (or other reasons) servers from the list. Such servers must be connected to via IP/Port (seems far fetched though)

  • Completely remove the rep system. It’s impossible to make it accurate, leading to false total rep of a player - so just dont add it :confused:

  • Free to play forever. Gold DLC transfers from 3.0 Nelson has said he will host official servers with the money generated by 4.0 gold sales, so I suppose it’s fine not to transfer.

  • Manual / Automatic car transmission. High-end civilian vehicles or etc could have automatic while older vehicles including trucks has stick shift

  • Actual weather / dynamic weather

  • (more of a suggestion from myself) I’d like to see a type of “shoe” mechanic being added. IE having no shoes would give you a speed debuff especially in mud. Normal shoes give no debuff. Running shoes increase running speed by a certain %. Boots increase the speed in mud. Military boots completely remove reduced speed in mud.

  • More detail into food growing, crops need light to grow, etc.

  • Larger official maps

  • Expand on falling mechanics. IE falling off a crane would kill you, you increase in speed the longer you fall, minimal movement forwards backwards left and right while falling

  • Better collision amongst entities (players, zombies, animals). shouldn’t be able to just run through hordes of zombies

  • Don’t add horde beacons. They don’t fit with a survival game and don’t make much sense

  • Make grand, glorious, extensive, extremely large maps in 4.0 and make few of them. In 3.0 there are just so many dang maps that the players are so divided. We have a current 13 (correct me) maps designed for multiplayer that are apart of the official 3.0 branch.

  • Nelson should share information about how servers are created before 4.0 is released so everyone can be ready for 4.0’s arrival - including server hosters

  • Scope zoom rendering should be HEAVILY improved upon. It takes a considerably large amount of resources to use a scope on Ultra settings, and it makes no sense as to why. Hopefully this can be a thing of the past in Unreal

  • The melee system should be heavily improved to a more realistic system, where swinging a sword or bat shouldn’t hit whatevers in the middle of the screen, it should sweep across the screen, hitting wherever it lands. This in itself should also get rid of the “range” of melee’s, and instead replace it with physical interaction between the melee model and the target.


P.S: at 41 minutes to make this clocks in at one of the longest replies I have ever made in the SDG Forums.


Procgen - Dear god no
Expanded crafting - Agree, very likely
Realistic firearm range - Depends on how big the maps will be
Server optimization - Confirmed
Improved vanilla server capability - Confirmed
Less community influence - Disagree
Better modding - Confirmed
NPC editor - Depends. Current way works fine
Instant local server hosting - Confirmed
Auth physics being removed - Very likely (if not confirmed)
Nerf locking cars - Depends, give better alternatives
Makeshift ammo - Confirmed
Crafting times - Depends. If this dictates game pace, it’s bad
Different calibers - Confirmed
Ammo variety - Confirmed (though not how you said it)
Ghillie buff - Doesn’t matter
Make PEI the first map - Disagree
Remove horde beacons - Very likely/confirmed
Base upkeep (a la Rust) - Disagree
Make raiding tools rarer - it’s balanced because it’s rare
Buff groups - Strongly disagree, groups are already OP
Server-to-client zombie attacks - This problem doesn’t exist, except with really laggy servers
Better zombie variety - Agree
Moderated server browser - Agree…kinda
Remove rep - Agree, if we’re not considering NPCs
Vehicle transmission - Confirmed
Dynamic weather/environment - Confirmed
Footwear having profound effects - Confirmed
More realistic agriculture - Confirmed
Bigger maps - Very likely
Realistic falling - Very likely/confirmed
Nelson should release info about servers - Agree strongly
Realistic melee - Confirmed

Repeats were not included, e.g. horde beacons which were mentioned twice

I am a huge critic of procedural generation. It’s sloppy, uncreative, and simply worse in quality to a traditionally made map. No matter how well you can pull off procgen, you will always end up with tons of bugs and other polish-lacking things to fix (for an example, look at any procgen game out there).

I presume that due to the increase in immersion and the shift towards survival-centricism, this is already bound to happen.

The maps in Unturned are too small to facilitate real world firearm ranges. Hopefully this will change in Unturned II - however I’d like damage dropoff to be a thing (alongside other ballistic mechanics) to make getting a 500m kill with an AR incredibly hard.

Optimization being a main focus, I think we can expect servers to be a lot more streamlined.

Actually, the main reason people use Rocket is because of the vastly expanded administration capability, which is being worked on as we speak with stuff like RCON. I’m not entirely sure how this actually works in UII, but it’s safe to say that the days of installing Rocket for all your basic needs are over.

The community is part of what makes the game great; however I do agree that listening far too much to the vocal community is really bad. Rust is a prime example of this.

Modding support will be available off the bat for UII. This is a given, especially taking into account the new modularity of item code and stuff like that.

Not exactly necessary but a welcome change nonetheless.

Already implemented, LAN servers can be created with the click of a button.

Safe to say auth physics will not return to UII. They were put in during a very dark era when hackers were everywhere.

Locking cars should still be the norm, but there should be good alternatives such as hotwiring one.

Unspecific…could you specifiy on that?

Already confirmed.

I’m on the fence about this one. “Realism for the sake of realism is bad.”

Confirmed and/or implemented.

I’d like to instead see EFT’s system where ammunition is loaded in bullet-wise. Would actually make tracers and frags useful and allow for other ammunition to take the stage as well.

No amount of ghillie visuals will counter a player with a good eye, and shadows enabled.

There’s a huge amount of disagreement over this. PEI is getting stale for many, and definitely should not be the first map if there are others that have more to offer. This is potentially the worst way to do it, rather than making a strong first impression with a fresh idea.

Horde mode will be a thing when UII releases. Horde beacons are likely fully obsolete.

I really don’t like Rust’s system - it turns the game into a monotonous thing you have to babysit and forces players to build a Tool Cupboard (or counterpart) in order to even consider the architecture mechanic.

it’s balanced because it’s rare intensifies
Rarity alone is not the way to go.

It already is the vastly preferred playstyle. If anything solo players need a huge buff. Isn’t teammate ESP and disabled friendly fire enough?

This is because zombies in singleplayer have vastly buffed hit range to boot…

I agree with this one - having individual variation in the zombies would be sweet. A post of mine is actually in the works for this (stay tuned boyos)

Just keeping the existing server browser but being able to blacklist servers should be good enough. Moderation is a bit much, though we don’t want a repeat of the notorious anime hentai incident from a while back.

Fair enough - for immersion I doubt rep would even be a thing anyways, at least without considering NPCs.

Transmission is very likely at this point. I’d say it’s confirmed, but that would be jumping the gun.

Also very likely, blah blah blah survival-centric

Indirectly confirmed. Footwear exists and clothing can give direct and passive stat modifiers.

Very likely - it is confirmed crops will also need irrigation.

Larger maps are also likely seeing as everything has been upscaled. Pineridge itself resembles Berlin more closely than Devtest_1.

Partially implemented, and confirmed. Controlling yourself mid-air is virtually impossible at this point.

Collision would be nice.

I agree.

This is partially confirmed - swipe attacks instead of point attacks.


I don’t want this tbh, except for Excursions which should absolutely use procedural generation.

Already confirmed/technically done, although there’s not a sniper in the game yet. (Also, no sniper is 350m to begin with in Unturned (version 3), they’re 300m). Firearm projectiles have far more proper ballistics.

Already planned and will most likely be worked on next month imo.

Community collaboration should stay, same with “Nelson-styled.” I’m hoping this isn’t being expected due to a poor relationship you have with a particular community member you aren’t fond of.

I mean, this kinda already exists? Not that it’s hard anyways, just tedious.

Yes, a custom editor would make managing NPC systems easier for Nelson and modders in the long-run. I believe a fleshed out one was planned for Unturned (version 3), but didn’t happen.

Already possible, always has been.

This ties into the sniper ballistics thing, but yeah. Shotguns in Unturned (3.0) are weird.

Already planned.

Already a thing.

No need to regulate servers doing their own thing.

Already planned. \o/

Basically already implemented.

Kinda planned.


I’m just nitpicking here now, but you said this further up. You repeat a couple things actually. :confused:

Already kinda planned/done-ish? At least for Linux it already should be. But yeah. This, alongside modding tools, are both expected beforehand. If Nelson doesn’t release the information ahead of time one of the closed beta testers likely would.

iirc, this is planned


are we suppose to finish our messages or what?

i dunno maybe?!??!

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probably not



How do you have procedurally generated maps but also make it so that it’s unique

Also why do you expect or anticipate less community involvement? That would be a horrible idea. Imho curated maps are one of the things that makes unturned great.

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The title probably got alot of attention

…as if it was CLICK BAIT


This is an incredibly long list with stuff that’s mostly been suggested before, so I’m just going to critique things that I’ve only seen now that might be new ideas.

Probably a horrible idea if not done right. Procedurally generated maps would most likely suck the life and soul in the shape of effort out of the game. They would just be bland.

Depending on how maps in 4.0 are set up, this might not be a good idea, we will see however.

We all want more crafting, but you’re gonna have to be more specific than that, do you mean more complex crafting in terms of bases?

As far as I know this is already being worked on.

This one is understandable, but shouldn’t be the case. Community projects and contact is what makes Nelson such a great developer. While yes curated maps and items can make the game less enjoyable and possibly water it down in terms of style, they could just simply be reviewed by Nelson and fixed up instead of rushed.

Not only would this be possible in 4.0, it’s already possible in 3.0.

LAN should be possible, server hosting could be harder, not an expert on this however.

This is just dumb. You should be able to lock vehicles, however you shouldn’t be able to mass lock them.

Again, you could elaborate more than just saying “shotgun-like”.

I think it’s in a decent place. It’s visible closer up but harder to see when farther.

Probably going to be the case with “Pineridge” just being the Beta tester map like what Alpha Valley was to 3.0.

This was speculated upon, just go to the Trello and see “Excursions”.

I don’t play Rust so forgive me for my ignorance on this subject, but Base Decay in Unturned is supposed to prevent the already small maps from getting overly cramped.

The rep system needs reworking, but shouldn’t be completely removed from the game.

Already a thing. Check the devlog.

Second time mentioned, but see excursions on the trello.

Everything else I’ve already talked to death or is being implemented, and for god’s sake;
Please check the trello and devlogs.



It’s 300 do you play this game

What do you mean by core function

I mean there’s cloth and shit so

I think it’s fine

Actually no thanks


No offense but I think you ought to stay on steam.



First of the title with down right expected is demanding and pretentious, comes off that way at least.

  1. No. Maps should be handcrafted and detailed. Handmade maps let creators add a spice of their own to maps. Not only would this be extremely difficult to implement but it would also kill the map making community.

  2. Planned

  3. Planned

  4. Probably planned

  5. Sensible and probably planned

  6. First off this is already going to be fixed in 3.0, hes working on that and also the game isnt on unity so pretty much planned

  7. Modability is planned, this probably is under same umbrella

  8. I have no idea about this one in terms of maps but 4.x is being made by only him, so it will be a while for new maps curated or not.

  9. Planned

  10. NPCs are being overhauled so yeah planned



13.Have no idea about this one but cars are going to be overhauled as its an entirely new game.


  1. Planned


17.If you read the devlogs which you obviously didnt you would know that vegetation is way better in 4.x so i consider that to be a buff

18.Not in already confirmed to be called Pineridge. I like fresh content so whatever.

19.Not mentioned but something like this will definitley go in at some point

  1. 4.x is going to be survival oriented in general so consider this planned

21.It already is ideal and overpowered, and I for one really dont want to see snipers that can one shot max geared players but thats a whole different story

  1. Probably going to be fixed, also its not impossible in singleplayer its just how the game is

  2. Planned id assume as zombies are going to be completely diffrent

24.Nelson shouldnt be handpicking this sort of stuff way to much work. There are going to be official servers though so this doesnt matter

25.No, but it does need work

  1. Yup

27.Not planned afaik but okay

  1. Planned


30.Probably planned

  1. Dont know but probably assumed

32.Movment physics are revamped so sure

33.Probably planned


25.This is probably assumed but again pineridge is only map so far


27.Yeah hopefully this is changed, planned Id assume


Shit EVERYONE already beat me to it RIP

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Just a few things I truly have something to say that

I have a feeling most people, like myself, won’t like them. I’ve heard they “aren’t creative” as someone else explain on another post, which I agree with.

Why? They add a bit more fun to the game. I know Nelson said he’d be adding horde mode itself but why would he get rid of the horde beacon, a way to challenge yourself.

Also it’d really help if you dropped the demanding and somewhat rude titles


He explains further down

I saw, but my comment still stands.

Nelson liked this post

I wonder what this means :thinking:


Dont want to drag this on for too long but horde beacons are completely game breaking, you go to a mechanic shop and grap blowtorch and chems, which usually takes two or three visits, and then scrap and explosives which can easibly done in one run on pei and russia. The horde itself can easily be cheesed with a chainsaw and just spinning around, and there is a exploit (or was i dont know if it got fixed because i havent played much recently) where you can kill the mega but leave one zombie left and then get the rest of your friends to go in and get even more loot with same difficulty.

Basically horde beacons let players, especially “zerg” clans get raiding loot way to fast and also bypass loot barriers like deadzones and just get raiding loot way to easy.