Assuming 4.0 will be extremely module-based and more like Garry’s Mod with multiple gamemodes to choose from, we wish to code a TTT game-mode.

If 4.0’s code is well documented and easy, I may have a friend that could help code it. I’m not sure what 4.0 is coded in, and none of my friends are very good at all in code, but uh… I guess we could try! :wink:
If you’re good, and would like to help, that would be great.

Now all we really need is people who are willing to make the maps! :slightly_smiling_face:

We want to copy many classic, amazing maps from the COD Franchise, redone in a low-poly Unturned style!

I’ve starred :star2: the most classic and memorable maps as higher priority than the others.

TTT Classics

IF You are some how unfamiliar with TTT - Trouble in Terrorist Town, heres a little tutorial!

@CravenWarrior has offered - map/model creation
@dbking has offered - map/model creation
@Brivdon has offered - map/model creation


This is Epic!
Good luck with this project! :ok_hand:


^w^ thanks. I got the server power, now its just up to Nelson to make a good, well documented game with decent net-code, and some community help! :stuck_out_tongue:

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its coded in c++

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Well thats nice to know. I heard C++ is really good, or something.

I’ve also added some Classic TTT maps to the idea list.

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iam familiar withe BO1 nuketown thats the one i seem to remember the most when aru working on it? @RainOfPain125

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uh… when 4.0 comes out with a working editor? lol. @dbking

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playing Terminal would be cool.

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I’ve been interested in attempting to make a massive mod for Unturned II sometime after it comes out so I may be available to help you out if this becomes a reality. Might consider making a few posts with some of my personal ideas for modding projects since you’ve posted this one. Also, I have all four of those COD games you mentioned plus some others like the first and second Modern Warfare games, Advanced Warfare, and Ghosts.

Edit: Also have Black Ops III

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If you happen to help, then thank Jesus. I was sorta worrying that someone would want to help - but then had never played these COD maps and would have little reference lol.

I’d be down to help, do you have a discord server for it.

A Discord will probably be made later on. Recently my Discord account was banned, and it’s taking a little bit of time to get everything re-done.

We could talk about anything to-do with it here if you want. Its just a general idea. I again, have the power to host the servers, but not the smarts of a dev nor the creativity and preciseness of a map developer.

@CravenWarrior has offered to help map creation
@dbking Might
@Brivdon I’m not sure how you want to help.

EDIT: Actually, I have a friend who knows C++, but… doesn’t know anything about Unreal. I’m assuming he would need to understand both to make a successful module.

Sounds like a fun project. I can’t model for shit, but can do basic coding. Also, how did no MW/MW2 maps make the cut?

I never played MW1, and I only played MW2 campaign on a friends computer. So I’m not too sure if theres any classic maps that would ALSO be good for a TTT scenario. The only one I know of is the long range, open field map used for sniping - not a very TTT friendly scenario.

Brivdon has some map experience with 3.0 and if I’m right he’s been planning to use Unreal for a project of his. Like me, he doesn’t have a ton of content on the workshop though. I know that he has access to World at War and Black Ops III for COD games and maybe a few of the more recent ones too. By the time Unturned II comes out both of us should have a few more decent examples of our work to show what kind of skill we have.

We took it to DMs and he wants to make some of the models from Nuketown, such as the two houses, bus, mannequins, so on.

I just really want to see a MW3 Resistance map. I think that would be REALLY good.

Maps that come to mind are Killhouse, Pipeline, Overgrown and Vacant.

I can program and do level design. I mainly do level design.

I’ll add you to the list in the post :slight_smile:

Please stop for the love of god. That’s totally uncalled for. I can help with map design, but please. Never do that again.