4.x inspired building ideas

Here are some models i made after seeing the recent devlog (with the exception of the last model; made it before seeing the devlog)


Cool. All the buildings ideas people have created are all the same color. What I think people should do is try to do is to make commercial buildings or different color houses.

Good work btw.


Was this made in blender ou Unreal?

Unreal is not a modelling tool; it is an engine hence unreal engine. Models Can be imported into UE4/unity and are created from modelling programs like blender, maya, 3dsmax etc. But for me i make my models in blender.


Actually, you can model some things in Unreal…

Obviously you can but it will just be basic shapes. Unreal is a game engine; you wouldnt use it to model assets for your game. Most of the shapes would just be used to make a basic placeholder for the actual object

The shape of the house (wall, groud, roof, etc.) can be made at unreal, other things like the handrail or windows are created in blender, but, moving foward, this was rendered in blender right?

Yes it was rendered in blender.

Update: i just found out about the prop wiki on the art style so I will be making a few more but I will follow the guideline provided within this wiki since the measurements I used for these current buildings were assumptions.

I Like the design but may news some tweaks

looks nice, though maybe try to add some of the details nelson has, like drainage pipes for the roof (forgot what they where called) make the overhands roof slightly tilted to make it more realistic (rn Im talking about the second house) and on both of them add things like rope holders, and those gas gauges. (thats what their called right? XD)

Pretty small but I like the designs

Main critiques include the random clipping left unfixed on the roof of the first prop picture (assuming it’s not a render issue), the under-detailed ventilators, and the awkward dimensions of the porch railings / windows. (Adding more detail to the front porch fencing would also help, actually.)

Also the head-height door handle in slightly concerning.

ye those are just first concepts i made; the measurements are off mainly due to the fact that I didn’t use the prop wiki with all the measurements. Currently making another one with proper measurements. Thanks for your feedback.

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4.x gas station concept coming saturday

what are you making it? or do you somehow know nelsons gonna make one?

BaytaTM has been trying to make a prop for a little bit now, iirc.

Cuz it could be in the workshop later…

I really can’t understand a word you said…

Really? Do you not understand english? i was asking if he was making it. Anybody couldve understood that…