4.X Soundtrack

Any chance of a small soundtrack being added to 4.X? I understand making music that can fit well into this game may be tough, but it is just a thought.

Imo this may sound really neat when just resting at home.


Music really doesn’t fit an open world survival game. Sure some ambient noise could work well but as for a full soundtrack there’s little reason.


it doesnt fit

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I’d only see this being in a cozy safezone but i doubt that might actually happen


What about a Radio? Maybe something like Fallout?


What about ambient music that fits the psychological tone of despair to go along the genre and feel of the game, or ambient music that changes volume and style to fit the tone and current condition in game? (relaxed music when things are ok, tense music when sneaking, etc)

Radio stations needs an operator to brodcast anything useful or entertaining, which indicates there are other survivors out of the player’s reach and that gives a mixed feeling of hope and despair. but I have some “slightly” different ideas:

  • A “walkie-talkie” like device that can only be used in multiplayer and has multiple channels used to communicate to other players from afar. Only useful with a mic, will only transmit to other devices with matching channel
  • A rework of the existing radio to play broadcasts of matching NPC or player radio channels.
  • A radio broadcast device, sends radio broadcasts but doesn’t recieve them, useful for RP servers.
    These ideas needs rethingking & reworking.

-Do I need make a topic about these ideas?

  • Yes, make a topic about it
  • No, this is unneccesary

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Ambiance keep the music outta it rust trys ambiant music and it feels silly at best and annyoing at worse

I think adding a couple of tunes could be beneficial, especially in car radios. Maybe the ability to add custom approved songs to the radio?

(I say approved as in approved online, with an id)
Now that I step back, I think that there’d be a lot of kids blasting “it’s everyday bro” 400% sound…

But there may be a fix for that… :smirk:


I think that it fits in singleplayer while all is quiet for a long time (to not get player bored to death). Remember The Long Dark or even minecraft.

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I think a soundtrack would be an great idea. not very special… only some quite and smooth Music like in minecraft before Microsoft… So the game would get an better atmosphere.

Says the Minecraft biased kid who has a Minecraft dude for there profile pic. Sorry, just making a joke. I think in singleplayer, safe zones and the home screen should have music.

The home screen has already music, the Unturned Theme. And I don’t like the new Minecraft versions :wink: . But this is not the Minecraft Forum, so…

the game can use music when:

  • a mega zombie wants to kill you
  • an horde is coming
  • and airdrop has been dropped in the map and you are near
  • when you find an easter egg

or in some dark places, some kind of creepy sounds (just think, what if you are in russia, and you find an stalker zombie?)


Yes, but I would like some random soflty music, too. (Random means sometimes)

I was thinking of this exact thing. Like some have said, it wouldn’t really fit but, maybe we can have it as an option. I think it would add an aspect of realism to the game

Bring C418 here


Honestly, he did do some great tracks

i know what it means Ramdom

i like your idea about soflty music

Is this the guy who did the Minecraft soundtrack?