9-12-04: An Adventure/Puzzle Map

Extraneous details

As stated before by Camera_9104, henceforth referred to as Camera:

This is, in the barest essence of the fact, truth. But that is not all that there is to it.
In a more descriptive fashion, 9-12-04 could be talked about as:

9-12-04 is an adventure/puzzle map heavily inspired by point-and-click adventure games. As of such, multiple features usually included in such types of games are in place here; i.e, sound effects, descriptive objects, logical puzzles, and various other features. This, of course, is rather sparse, but to go more in-depth would spoil various details that I would rather have the player experience first-hand.

Today, it was released.

You can install it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915073867

When you first spawn in, it is highly recommended that you do /night. Due to a glitch with Unturned’s lighting, the map may appear rather monochromatic when one first loads in, and several objects may not appear as intended.
For the item-based puzzles, DO NOT equip the items. Leave them in your inventory; otherwise, the puzzle will not recognize that you have the item. Additionally, KEEP THE CLOTHES YOU SPAWNED WITH.

I was not alone in creating this.
Those that assisted me:
Pork, for providing multiple pieces of artwork and valuable playtesting data.
NuclearPotato, for providing a great deal of the sound effects and valuable playtesting data.
Craven, for extracting quite a few of the models used and last-minute playtesting.

Various questions, and various answers

Q: An adventure map? Like, a legitimate, actual adventure map?
Yes. Through copious use of custom content, I have achieved the possibility of creating a linear, story-based experience in unturned.

Q: Any tips?
Look around.

Q: Who was Camera_9104?
If it was not obvious at this point: me.

Q: I’m starving/dehydrating to death. Why are there no food/water spawns?
Under normal conditions, the experience should not last long enough for one to begin to starve/dehydrate. However, if you find yourself in urgent need of relief, it would be permissible to spawn in food/water as to allow yourself to continue playing.

Q: I can’t see anything. It’s too dark!
Under normal conditions, everything should be visible. Turn up your monitor’s brightness; or, if the issue becomes incredibly severe, spawn yourself a flashlight. This will, however, cause some things to be displayed in ways that they are not meant to be displayed.


I was mentioned - 10/10
Few “minor” issues but tries to break away from what maps are expected to be in 3.0.


Wow nuc this looks cool

Kerfucko was Camera_9104? What the fuck. Kerfuckyou

oh my god guys pondfisher is nuclear potato

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