9-12-04, and an explanation

This post was initially intended to be another one along the lines of those that I had recently been making for an ARG to publicize my map with. However, due to unforeseen complications including having highly personal information leaked in a misguided attempt to expose the legitimacy of the account, I have decided to put the ARG on hold.

As of such, I will, instead, be simply detailing what said ARG has been building up to.

9-12-04, as it has been titled, is a adventure/puzzle map. I mean this in the truest sense of the word; there are multiple logical challenges required to progress through several areas, and traditional zombie/looting gameplay is absent.

More details will follow upon the release of this map; which I have planned to be tomorrow.


from the author of critically acclaimed map “belgium” comes nuclear potato’s second crappy map

is this m night shaylmalaman but with unturned maps


this now makes a lot more sense

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If you would like to hurl insults with about a paragraph to throw them towards, go right ahead, but I will inform you that he is not the owner of this account, nor has he had major influence on the direction of the map; that is to say, he did not make it.

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I’m excited

ok nuclear potato


wise words from the man himself.

shut the fuck up

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Alexa play Stal

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it’s not like your every other day to not put so much emphasis on why you think something is not funny.

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