A basic post about the unneccessary spam on the forum, nothing to see here folks move on

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ForeverBlue/davidj123456 posting on every thread they can find be like
ForeverBlue/davidj123456 posting on every thread they can find be like
ForeverBlue/davidj123456 posting on every thread they can find be like

i really felt like making a topic like this because this has gone too far. it has gotten way too annoying and yes i’m the biggest hypocrite ever for making this topic cuz i used to make super low effort replies, but we don’t talk about that here

my problem in this is that i want to see actual content when i open up the forum, not some regular farmers who are basically copying what has been said over and over again. i wanna adress these issues and offer solutions to these ‘regular farmers’ (they know who they are xd)

  • front page painting
    what i mean by this is replying to every thread you can see with low-effort replies that has been already said or makes zero sense in a short period of time, without reading the actual thread and replies before you start replying. this is actually annoying, and can get to the point where the same thing is said over and over again.

  • replying ALL at once wtf
    make sure there’s actually some space between all your replies and topics. this isn’t fully wrong, however it’s annoying when it gets to the point where you have replied to 10 different posts in one minute. i mean at least try to seem smart and seem like you gave effort to your replies

  • keep it short/all in one reply
    there are some instances where same person happens to reply to the same thread 5 times back to back. this mostly happens when replying to multiple people. make sure you keep all things in one reply, and quote and reply people from that one post instead of flooding the entire thread.
    this also includes “yeah, i agree” “oh, interesting suggestion” “sir, you broke this rule” replies. you can basically just drop a like or flag the post and be done with it, there is no need for an extra reply that adds nothing.

  • look for duplicates/similar posts
    what this basically means is USE THE DAMN SEARCH BUTTON look for similar topics you are about to make; look if they have been suggested before, discussed before, and sorted out already. unless you are going to improve a topic, there is no need to create a copy of it. if you happen to already made a topic before but it got locked due to inactivity, you can ask staff to re-open the topic if you are going to add new stuff to the post, there is no need to create a duplicate of it.

  • M E M E S
    sometimes, there happens to be spam on memes category, or getting to the levels of low effort never seen before yes i’m a hypocrite. keep in mind that memes category does not affect your requirements for the regular badge.

i actually tried to keep this post from being harsh as much as possible. i mean i know why some people are doing their best to get their voice heard across as many posts as possible, and that’s because the regular badge lmao yes i rushed making this topic please don’t kill me


We need to enforce limitations on posting frequency. Not sure if there is an easy way to do that but it’d be nice because this is just ridiculous with how many topics they reply to in such a short time-span.


How about a 15-second timer just so people can’t just spam.

More like a five to fifteen minute timer. Look at how close their posts are. This is a forum, not something more informal like a Discord server so people should put effort into their statements instead of typing out a few quick words and hitting reply.


I’d say the timer should scale with how often you’re posting.


15 seconds is too short, considering that’s less time than it takes to actually change topic and post a new comment.

I’d recommend something more restrictive but a bit more specific: You can reply to only 5 threads per 2 hours, with a minute long delay before posting another reply to a thread.


It seems as though a lot of new users came in when they realized that it would be easier to farm regular instead of getting 2400 hours. Honestly the way to fix this would be for Nelson to stop giving keys to anyone who doesn’t have a regular key yet (assuming he hasn’t yet) and keep doing the hours thing.


well, there is a flaw to pretty much every way tbh. i mean, giving keys to regular? you get people to spam the forum. 2400 hours? pff what’s that, i’ll just afk.
wait so people who has gotten regular now can still get a key? oh that’s weird

Shouldn’t that be restricted to lower trust levels (such as basic) though?

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Sounds fair to me.


The difference is that afking 1/3 of a year is harder than it sounds. Much harder than flooding a forum with content equivalent to the stuff on the subreddit.

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gonna turn this into a suggestion if you don’t mind.

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uh, you need to spend 80 days to get regular ig?
i mean, if you look at it this way, most people who want unturned II access more than everything already have a couple hundreds of hours. but yeah you’re right.

well it’s more like a rant to people who have done the exact opposite of what i have said, there isn’t any actual suggestions to how forum works xd
but i might aswell edit the post and add that as a solution, then it’s a suggestion

I was thinking after each post you have X amount of time before you can post again, and Y amount of time before you can post without the X and Y values being raised, but that works too.

Nelson has given keys to non-regulars who had good contributions to the forums, and hasn’t always been quick to give people keys just because they posted in https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/t/want-an-unturned-ii-key/9868

Less restrictive limitations should be placed on regulars, but regulars should still have some limitations. Regular status is fairly easily gained or lost, and shouldn’t be given too many perks over basics and members, otherwise people will continue to strive for it over creating meaningful contributions.

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maybe they should remove some toxic kids here /:

This entire post is BS, and so is the reason behind it

Why stop peoples creativity and ideas? Some people just hop on SDG to be greeted to a fresh new page of posts, and want to contribute in a fast spray of comments. Not everyone logs on everyday like me to only see one or two new meaningful posts to chip on to. And rarely do I do it.

Putting limits on peoples thoughts will just discourage them from doing so. So dont do it?

You should be happy people are contributing, even if they do it all at once

I think it took them a bit more than 15 seconds. If it was only 15 seconds, then they didn’t say something meaningful enough that couldn’t have been conveyed by simply giving a comment a like.

ok contrarian


Unless those post have no effort, i don’t see much of a problem

Did you have a stroke while typing this nonsense? No one said anything about limiting people’s thoughts. Only that people should be forced to take some time to do something else (preferably spend time reading the thread, thinking about what they’re about to say, or closing the window, but we can’t control user’s actions and certainly can’t police their thoughts) before they can spam out braindead replies.


Creative =/= quality. Seeing as there’s a dry season of long, in-depth posts at the moment and an abundance of low effort memes and shitposts, it’s not a bad idea to try and get the community to change up the pace of posts a little bit.