A half-way decent suggestion for NPC's in 4.0

I think if Papa Nelson is going to add hostile/bandit NPC’s he should make them gaurd a location, for example, in rust there is a test with bio hazard suit wearing NPC’s that wonder around rad towns and are stupid but have a gun and aren’t afraid to use it. Another example is from Escape From Tarkov, which has NPC Scavs (basicly bandit raiders) which patrol a high loot area, however they are very smart and tactical (not needed in unturned, I would be fine with stupid NPC’s that patrol a scorpion-7 location). So taking ides from both these games, I think there should be Bio-hazard suited scientist NPC’s that carry vipers and would shoot at you if you enter their Nav mesh. With the improvements coming in 4.0, it isn’t that far-fetched to make gaurd NPC’s like this, they stay inside their own nev-mesh (like current zombies) and wouldn’t be to difficult (right in between zombies and players) and maybe it could help with loot proggresion (A bambi can’t just run into a gaurded location and get loot, they would need some gear first)

P.S. this would be an option for server owners or on your singleplayer…


I really like this idea.

thanks! :slight_smile:

Could basically be walking turrets

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kinda, they would be simple to add and would help for loot progression.

Perhaps we could just…

Let’s say there is a extremely high tier technical/lab area, per say area 51, and when you explore there, your greeted with something unusual.

there are no zombies, besides a few blood spatters.

But in the distance you see a patrolling device, a vary odd device, armed with weapons and has tracks on it. They run along pre-determined tracks, or just sit there. There disturbing and unsettling…

These are dangerous devices, and require a heavy output of firepower to not fall victim to these yourself.

Besides all that robot stuff, besides NPC’s of 3.0 being re-added, I suggest he start here first with combat NPC’s, so that way there not held up to the expectations of actual human/bandit NPC’s, and after awhile dive back into it and create better NPC’s for our enjoyment, because I don’t want to see vary simplistic npc’s, that are absolutely retaerted being implemented… but if there were not human it would be better, and receive far less criticism.

Goal: Take one step at a time, build up to survivor npc’s, while he polished up there coding, we don’t have walking embarrassments walking around, and we can be hyped for the proper fully developed bandits to enjoy, while we fiddle with the more simple concepts for now.

Stage 1: 3.0 npc’s

stage 2: As you said, walking turrets, if there dumb, there won’t be such a bad feedback especially
if he promises stage 3. here we see players also suggesting will be more detailed while time is being bought.

stage 3: Taking cover npc’s, better ai, exa, what we all love and hope for!

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I 100% agree with this.

Back when NPCs were first proposed after the Russia release, I came up with a bunch of ideas for NPCs that would really give immersion and some interesting gameplay opportunities, like wandering zombie kill squads that are friendly until provoked, bandits defending small stashes of loot, and occasionally even NPCs travelling in vehicles to give the feel of there being other survivors.

Imagine walking around in PEI and looking up to see an NPC flying an Otter somewhere. I think that would be sweet.

the tracked turret robot is a good idea (sounds like the one from the Nevada map Trello) but I kind of like the idea of a human-like guard, it just seems more lifelike (we could have both though). But what if there where survallience cameras that have guns, something easy to program and add (it would scan a room and can be avoided or shot out)

It would be awesome to see NPC’s at a level like that, unturned would be hard to beat for a free-to-play game. But it would be hell to code and something that some AAA games don’t even have (it would be awesome though)