A post tracking every "Bandit NPC" post on the site

Thanks for the Idea @Captain.Stars! - Posts labeled with an “:ok_hand:” I personally like
Post #1 (Random NPC Scavengers or Hunters in the forest)
Post #2 (What about hostile/allied npcs?)
Post #3 (Companion/Hostile NPC's)
Post #4 (Bandit- NPC "Easteregg")
Post #5 (New enemy- bandits/raiders. based on your rep)
Post #6 (Suggestions for repuatation system)
Post #7 (4.0 new gamemode+raiders enemy)
Post #8 (K.O Bandits)
Post #9 (Enemy Overhaul) :ok_hand:
Post #10 (What about hostile/allied npcs?)
Post #11 (Possibly an AI for enemy bandits in single player)
Post #12 (A half-way decent suggestion for NPC's in 4.0)
Post #13 (An Idea for more map interaction with enemy NPCs)
Post #14 (Suggestion 2) (A bit vague but included NPC’s raiding you)
Post #15 (Random events)
Post #16 (Story Mode)
Post #17 (NPC and Factions)
Post #18 (An idea for those npcs that everyone hates)

Tag me in any new “Bandit NPC” post so I can expand this list!


Here’s my topic as well :sweat_smile:


I’ll spare you, your post isn’t specifically about Raider NPC’s, and it’s actually pretty good compared to other posts haha


Aw cheers :smiley:

You have done well for your people, good sir.

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A true hero.

Should we also include posts from reddit and Steam forums? /s

i’d like to suggest a post tracking every post tracking npc posts on this site

With a “suggested pick.”


This post would reach the character limit within a day if OP included steak forum posts.


The hero we need.

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thank you so much.

I can see my topic yay :blush:

Technically not a good thing?

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Not really since I found out its just a mistake

I lost the ability to edit this post to add more stuff. Let that sink in.
(if you want to link to another bandit npc post, link to this comment specifically!)

Post #19 (A completely independent AI system)
Post #20 (Bandit NPCs)
Post #21 (Different idea of Bandit NPC's) ENOUGH ALREADY
Post #22 (Bandit NPCs/bad guys?) nO MORE


ree nercoponst!!! reporded

New war about who’s worse: Bandit NPC idea repeaters or necroposters

inb4 two new NPC factions are The Necroposti and The Lower Calgary Banditry Fan Club

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Funny, because if replying to a post that was commented on 4 hours ago with active discussion is a necropost, I’d like to see your definition of one

Fine by me.

im not even going to egg you on