New enemy- bandits/raiders. based on your rep

i think we need some more enemys to worry about. not just zombies and players, something more then that.
something that goes in group and can ambus you. something that you need to fight (For real, not just meley) with guys and with friends. and that something is raiders/bandits :star_struck:
just think about it, this bandits will be a npc (just like zombies programed) and they will be camping in the more dangerous places (because it is hard to fight them and because you need good loot in order to fight them. not good for frash spawned).
And here is the cool thing i tought about:
if you have high rep they will try to kill you.(+20)
if you have medium rep they will ignore you.(-150<x<+20)
if you are villan (super low rep) you could trade with them.
and for all stats of rep, even if you are villan, the second you attk one of them they all fight you.
please guys share your tought with me and hopefuly nelson will hear us :smiley:

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This has been suggested multiple times on the Reddit, Steam forums, and practically any Unturned related place with a comment section, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to happen for a few reasons.

  1. Raiders/Bandits could be confused with players, there really is no way to know if its a player or not, sure you could give them completely black clothing, but yet again, that could be a player who likes using the thief set.
  2. You shouldn’t be able to trade with Raiders, I’m sure that most people’s idea of trading with these guys will consist of arms and ammo, and if you spot a group of raiders, it would be really easy to just cut down a bunch of trees or just mow down a crowd of zombies to get a good amount of XP to trade with them, and god knows that getting a weapon in this game is already way too easy.
  3. Raiders as a concept is just dumb, if you want harder enemies, than go onto Yukon and fight a pack of wolves with only a kitchen knife. You don’t need raiders to make this game “harder”, because the way to make a survival game harder is to make the existing enemies tougher to fight, and supplies harder to get.

A perfect example of this is The Long Dark. All it has is wolves, and very, very rarely, bears. I would love it if unturned made both wolves and bears available in all maps, as well as making zombies harder.

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I love The Long Dark, it is just so environmental and it is a great example of Player VS Environment, and maybe not add wolves and bears to all maps but replace them with their geological equivalents (Maybe foxes instead of wolves on PEI, things like that)


i have some answers to what you sayed:

  1. about the players that can look like raiders. this idea can go anywhere, from raiders (that look like players) to aliens that are just bad (for the rep part). for example, you can take inspiration from fallout (the game), you can take npc and make them look like ghouls. anyway, players can be dressed up like zombie.
    2)about the trading. i wanted to give this idea because i think it can work. but after what you sayed there is a solution, we can make up a new trading system that works with items.for example: for 1 mapelstrike you can get 1 peacemaker.
  2. the game is not that hard. what makes it hard is the players. and when the server is empty or you are in singel player this can be boring. + i tought that some ranged enemies that we actually need to use our skill in order to deal with them (the all rep tought and the combat skills)
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Agreed. NPCs won’t add anything but Singleplayer enemies and lets be honest who even plays SP anymore 'cept for a testing ground. It’ll be a waste of time and resources when you could scale the difficulty way higher by properly tweaking & balancing the loot system and giving it an exponential RNG rarity system, as well as different animals to face off against on every map. IMO humans are players. If you wanna see society after the apocalypse, hop into MP, cause someone across the country from you controlling the character with a gun pointed towards you will give you the most human experience. No CPU-controlled bot (within reason, so fuck off if you think Nelson is ordering a NASA-grade supercomputer) could ever act or think quite like a human, much less make decisions like we do. It’s a more natural experience.

You practically just restated everything I said, Raiders would have the same body mesh as players and would most likely have human colour skins, like most non-gold players. Not to mention gold players don’t really use the erradic skin colour choice, but so so on the hair. Something we can expect the non-existent raiders to have if their hair wasn’t covered up to begin with.

And not to mention that trade idea is still pretty bad, if your idea of trading consists of NPC’s ripping players off it won’t really be a good system (A Peacemaker for a Maplestrike? Really?)

And no like any other enemy in this game they would be shockingly easy to deal with using range, hell, just run up and pan the fuckers to death, it’s possible if you have enough stamina.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of armed bandits or turrets for deadzones. I think armed enemies in general could definitely expand the late game and provide an actually challenging enemy. However, I highly doubt we’ll see them in 3.0.

Armed NPCs in 3.0 will probably never happen. Though it’d be amazing to see them in 4.0, something akin to Escape From Tarkov.

NPCs that are pretty distinguishable from normal survivors. Basic set of gear including ranger clothes and maybe a holster/bandoleer. Maybe shouts some very offensive things in a ineligible language or rambled noises. Or maybe through a radio of sorts. Stuff that puts them apart from normal people. Maybe some could be hung up in a tower with a Snayperskya while others are smaller groups that support one-another. Stuff along those lines.

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