Story Mode

For Unturned 4.x, Nelson should expand upon the single player quests and make it a kind of story mode with missions, cinematics, and maybe voice acting and multiple maps. Also for Unturned 3.x, in the Greece Map, if you join one group, the other will become hostile and start to shoot at you but they have a large amount of health and many enemies coming to get you.


already been asked a lot, sorry man

Damn lol, did people like the idea of a single player campaign

yep… they did

Okay, what do you think about it

I think its a good Idea, single player is already incredibly boring so yeah

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Also yes this is very oversuggested

No dont unturneds a sandbox survival game and although its possible unturned dosent really feel like the game to focus on story at all maybe lore building but not a full on Direct story and end goal

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