Bandit NPCs/bad guys?

Some hostile NPC’s would be good. Maybe just some bandit-type dudes that roam around certain areas, with small arms/shotguns/hunting rifles. I mean, I know a lot of you are going to try and turn this down, but honestly. There are zombies, so why not? It would give the game a better feel, rather than be all about killing zombies, getting loot, and repeating.

Also, I kinda believe teaming up with friends and messing around with hostile NPCs would kinda be quite fun, better than angry children running around on PvP servers.


This has been suggested far too much. We simply don’t know if we’ll see them in 4.0.

@AnimaticFreak Here’s another one.


TBH, I agree with bandit npcs but some of the more popular/well known regard disagree so yeah… But I do like the idea of bandits. Even if this post will be added to the list of bandit npcs posts.


At what point is this going to stop happening


It won’t stop, people want it. And when people want something, they wont let up.

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@Whistleblower Told me that they were actually considered on the github but discontinued. So don’t get your hopes high at all.

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Yeah it would be cool

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