Companion/Hostile NPC's

Something that I’ve thought would be amazing to have in this game since npc’s were originally added were npc’s that did more than just stand around and give you quests, like npc’s that carry weapons and, depending on your reputation, and their reputation, would either try to kill you, or help you.

By this I mean there could be bandit npc’s that will try to kill anyone no matter their reputation, and then there could be friendly npc’s that help you and can eventually even become a companion and help you fight like in the Trello 4.0 Wishlist about pets that can carry items and in some cases defend you, only it would be a companion. And then there could be neutral npc’s like traders and merchants that roam around the map and sell/trade with you. I’ve been looking through these topics and have seen some ideas like this with npc’s that guard areas, or raiders that are just another hostile enemy, but I would like more interactive npc’s.

I also think this could have huge potential for quests, like being able to go on a Coalition quest where a Coalition member comes with you and fights with you, or quests where you can actually physically collect survivors and send them to the Coalition.

Another thing I would love is the ability to add in your own npc’s and configure them in game, like give them certain guns, gear, clothes, etc. as long as that person had cheats or something. And this could be something that is mostly for single player worlds so that it doesn’t feel so lonely, or simply just to add more to do.

Now I know this is a lot to ask for and it won’t be easy, but I think that the npc’s have some huge potential that could make the game way more interactive and add way more things to do. Thank you for reading this and I hope you agree. Please reply with any thoughts you have. :grin:

I believe @MoltonMontro had a post about this, and I agree with.
Here ya go

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Awesome thanks for this, it’s good to see other people agree.

If you read the posts, most people disagree with the idea…

Can we not have NPC hostiles/friendly humans?

Enemies like animals would be alot more better and make sense, but humans is too much. It’d be confusing trying to talk to a player and realising that it’s an NPC.

This game isn’t fallout, It’s multiplayer, STALKER has an online section but there’s no NPCs that walk around in the online mode

Singleplayer would be great if there was a story, end game and something similar to the STALKER games was around for NPCs.

Just don’t add NPC Humans, The questgivers were horrible enough as is and the shops were kinda stupid in my opinion.

Well maybe it could even be something where you choose to have NPC’s activated when you choose the world you play in, like choosing if you have cheats activated or not, and maybe in server’s you can have a command that disables these NPC’s, because I totally understand that some people like this idea more than others, but I think in the current stage of Unturned (not sure how it’ll be in 4.0) I get bored quickly just trying to survive, even on servers, I think that these NPC’s could make the game much more immersive for some players.

No, No it wouldn’t. It doesn’t fit with unturned and what it’s going for.

If you ARE bored of playing unturned then there needs to be more of a survival element to unturned then the insane PVP community we have. If you’re bored of trying to survive then don’t add human NPCs, we need animal ones like bears and wolves on yukon to go around on other maps, we need larger maps to roam around, we need more things to have in the game to play around with instead of “yeah, guns and melee”. We need more focus on the survival element to get players who don’t enjoy killing and want the survival experience that unturned was marketed for.

I hope we do not add human enemy NPCs for all of these reasons, while this improves the PvE element somewhat, it makes the game become something that it’s not (which is common with unturned today)

Yeah I totally agree that there should be more of a survival element to the game, like what you said bears and wolves and larger maps, but I don’t see how adding these types of NPC’s takes away from “things to have in the game to play around with”, I don’t really see how roaming around an apocalyptic world and then finding a makeshift shelter with an NPC inside that you have to kill takes away from the survival experience. I do get that it doesn’t make much sense adding NPC’s for people that don’t like killing and want a more pve survival experience, but Unturned is made to be multiplayer, it is made to be PvP, it says in the description, and I think this could help that part of the game.

Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R!

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