An idea for those npcs that everyone hates

So this is basically an idea for hostile npcs, they would have a specific area their at. basically like the soldier npcs in the game minidayz on mobile. so basically int he game, at some military checkpoints, there will be soldiers defending it. like its rare, the majority of checkpoints are infected but some will have soldiers guarding it like that. I would like that kind of thing to happen, like military checkpoints guarded by soldiers, and maybe bandit road barricades blocked off. maybe with the hostile npcs we could have nav mesh areas just meant for them, where they couldnt leave. so you would basically be able to avoid them if you want, wouldnt affect pvp or anything or such. I would also like npcs that only attack you if you have a low rep that are posted around safezones. so yeah, tell me what you think.

Time to add some more fuel to the fire.



Ye’rve got some readin’up tado, laddy.

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wait, so their gonna be added? noice. sorta added I mean xd

Dude. Literally scroll down.

The point was that it’s not coming.

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dang xd just saw the top, read it and was like, oh cewl

Forget about wood, we’re adding liquid fuel and oxidizer

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okay so I didnt really mean all this xd, I dont really care like it would be cool to have some npcs in specific areas that walk around and shoot zombies and such, but as I said, I dont care if its added or not. so just take this as a joke.

Why should we take a suggestion as a joke? A suggestion is a suggestion, not something to take not seriously.


Again, if this is to be taken as a joke, don’t waste our time posting to begin with.
I’m tired of you (and others) using that excuse.

Edit: oh and also based on community census I will now flair every post you don’t intend to be taken seriously as a meme, because that’s what memes are. Same with everyone else

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??? Ive never used that as an excuse before… wth are you talking about?

Upon closer examination it wasn’t just you, but many others that pushed me to this point. Sorry for the confusion, but my point stands regardless - if you want something to be taken as a suggestion, expect serious criticism.

Again, it’s allowed for people to add their ideas - it’s intention that’s the point here

k sorry, I do believe that in the rules it says to add your own ideas, not openly oppose them, I dunno. Id have to check but im too lazy rn :confused:

Nah, don’t worry
Our friend @GreatHeroJ was probably having a bad day, hence his (somewhat) hostility
Isn’t that right, J?

Well, I mean, I’ve had to deal with several of these incidents in the past week, so I guess you could call it that