4.0 new gamemode+raiders enemy

dear nelson, i think you should make (for the upcoming 4.0) new game mode. and even a competetive sestem.
about the game mode, you can take a few players that have limeted ammo and medical supplys and make them survive as much as they can in a base that the game creates. zombies will come and try to kill them, and even raiders (bad NPCs). about the raiders, i think you should make some more types of enemys because now, we have only three. zombies, other players and to survive. the raiders will be a good add to the game because they will drop raiding gear (could be 1% drop rate) and they can be the first ranged evemys (but players).
hope you will hear me out :slight_smile:
yours sponik

I don’t really know about that…
The concept of AI controlled bandits is nice, but it’s gonna be tough to achieve, i feel.
The “computer-generated base” thing seems both hard to do and unnecessary, i doubt people are really looking for something like this. Also, what you described is already in 3.0, the Horde mode, you spawn in with limited items with which you survive zombie waves and earn points from killing zombies, with those points, you can buy gear and survive as much as you can. And nobody plays it. Adding an RNG base to something that people aren’t playing is just a waste of time and nerves.

sure, make unturned into cod zombies :stuck_out_tongue:

can you tell me more about what you think of the bandits?

I had the idea a couple of months back to have zones with hostile NPCs, take for example, Holman Isle occupied by hostile NPCs,“bandits” and you could both accept quests from them that reward you with items such as supplies or ammo or maybe even guns for higher-end quests. But the catch is that you can also attack them to gain positive reputation, as sort of a favor for The Coalition and steal items that they possesed. Something along the lines of a bulldog, an AK, Nykorev at most, stuff like that.

This can also work for having quests for both positive rep (The Coalition) and negative rep (Bandits, you can use The Syndicate from germany, if you wanna imagine it like that) that both benefit you in different ways.

Getting back to the attack thingy, i imagine it can be done on the base of the Horde beacon, in terms of how it works, if you alert them, extra bandits spawn in and you can fight or run away from them.

Sounds pretty good to have on a map, but i imagine that coding a new AI that can utilize ranged weapons isn’t gonna be all that easy. One thing i know is that Nelson can scrap the Spitter Zombie’s AI to make bandits throw grenades.

I feel like i should make a separate thread that elaborates further on this topic, maybe Nelson will see some potential in it, who knows ?

So basically what you are asking for is a mode where people are surviving against zombies, the environment, violent NPC’s and other players? I don’t know, that sounds a bit like survival, just with NPCs. Just hop onto any multiplayer server and you’ll be good, man.

people dont play it because it was never finished in result, it was really buggy.

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