What about hostile/allied npcs?

i think the 4.0 should have different factions for npcs, like the bandits and the coalition, based on your karma a certain faction will attack you (example: if you have -10 karma the coalition will start to attack you, the more negative karma you have, the more coalition soldiers will arrive when they spot you, if you have positive karma bandits will attack you), when you reach -50 or +50 karma you can choose to join the bandits or the coalition.
the bandits wear mostly bandanas and baclava and use weapons like zubeknakov or the snaperskya, while the coalition has weapons like the scalar or the eaglefire, even if the bandits are bad-equipped, they attack in massive numbers (8-10 bandits per group), whilist the coalition has better tactics (they often get into cover and throw tacticals for stunning the enemy), all npcs are lootable, but they have a 10% chance to drop their weapon and the 60% chance for it to have a few shots/ low usage.
also you could to a “story mode” in every map where some npcs gives you missions

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Something similar https://trello.com/c/Qof30ql1/128-navigation

should be optional

some people don’t really like npcs for some reason and I don’t think forcing it onto them would be good


personally I think it should work like this:

Certain parts of the map have the npcs like it is currently

Bandit npcs shoot on sight but its very obvious where they are located

NPCs do not roam far from their locations

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the only reason people dont like npcs is because they want to be able to kill other players without being bothered by “Useless npcs that just ruin the game”- that one little kid who cant do the quests so he rages.

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I agree with Shady, it should be optional.

It would REALLY suck in PVP servers when out of all players in the area, the CPU marked you as a target and not the other players near you, who may already be shooting at you.

unturned 4.0 is going to be survivial based, not pvp based. -

But PVP will still be a key part of the game. Therefor, I agree with Shady in the context that it should be optional, or perhaps a server setting?

A key part of the game? is pvp all people care about?

Not wanting hostile NPCs =/= being a PvP kiddie.

Even though PvE/survival is a key focus in the game, it doesn’t mean we neglect the whole PvP model entirely. It means the game wouldn’t primarily revolve around player versus player combat but more of things like zombies, role-playing (As in NPCs, quests, etc.) and the general survival experience which all of them aren’t much developed.

Nelson should allow more options like that, but not add too many content to expand/improve the PvP area just like how guns keep getting added more often in 3.0 with a little PvE stuff along with it.

Although, the option to toggle roaming NPCs isn’t about whether it breaks the PvE path but to expand the freedom of customization for those with certain preferences


I can’t tell if you’re joking or not lmao. Or worse - Rain’s army. cringe

I made my point that it would be annoying in PvP.
You then state that Unturned 4.x is survival-based… OK? What is your point though? :thinking:

From my understanding other users here have a different definition for a ‘zombie survival game’. I see zombie survival games as keeping your avatar able by all means necessary - that includes consuming items, engaging/escaping combat to keep your avatar fit/healthy. PvP and PvE.

PvP is a key part of the game. There’s PvP in Unturned’s previous versions and I doubt there wouldn’t be in 4.x. And what would be the point in gunplay changes in 4.x if PvP isn’t a thing?

[put that thing back where it came from or so help me]


Maybe it can be like with the amount of zombies now, if you set the number at advanced on 0.000, no NPC’s will appear, when it is 1.000, there will be much more NPC’s.

First of all, I want to say that I really like this idea.
My ideas/ questions:

  1. It should be possible to disable it in the map settings like in my last post
  2. What will happen to the Liberator on Russia when you join the Bandits? I mean it would be hostile then. Would it loose the Safezone around it or will you just be unable to attac it?
  3. Opinion of everyone: should the NPC’s have vehicles? For example the coalition having apcs, urals or hueys and bandits having pic-ups and hummingbirds. It should depend on the game difficulty/ on your reputation. E.g. easy/ ±10 reputation: NPCs just walk, very rare they will appear in urals/ picups. Medium/± 50 reputation: NPCs mostly appear in urals and picups, sometimes they have armoured vehicles like apcs. Very rare they get air support by helicopters. Hard/± 100 reputation: mostly they have armoured vehicles and hueys/ hummingbirds. They will appear more frequent and in big groups.
  4. Should they have bases? I mean destroyable bases that will appear randomly on the map. NPCs spawn there and you will be able to find some loot there, too. If you destroy a base (maybe destroying 80% of the structures there or destroy a claim flag in the middle of the base), a new base will appear after some time somewhere on the map. Depending on your reputation the bases will get stronger (better materials / more guards).
  5. Patrols? I mean hostile/friendly teams walking around you can attack/trade with. Hostile teams will attack you when they spot you, friendly teams will help you or you can trade with them.

Point 4 and 5 should make everything more offensive. I mean just getting attacked will get boring after a time.
Point 3-5 should be disable able, even if you have NPCs turned on.

I always love the concept of factions in games, but I don’t think it would feel right in Unturned. It’s supposed to be a zombie survival game, not a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. rip-off.
But then again, this could work extremely well in singleplayer. Maybe if they were actually just Bot survivors. Maybe the AI would spawn in as any player does and then they go around the map and scavenge for items and you could find them in this process and kill them. This could expand Unturned’s lifetime massively, because of the bot support. I very often find myself going in old games and playing with bots, just to relive the memories and have some fun wrecking bots in a game I know so well.

tehsword is someone I agree with the way he said would probably work out in multiplayer, in single player they could wander anywhere

I personally am all for this idea but I’ve encountered quite a few people who have presented hostile attitudes towards this suggestion and just forcing it onto people doesn’t sound great at all

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I honestly don’t really like the idea of hostile NPCs much. But it can be worked around. 1st, it being toggle-able. 2nd, not making hostile NPCs at random spawn places. Like, They spawn at 1 place and start walking around. They might have a base with loot, maybe they can simply be nomads.

Other than that, the PvP/PvE aspect doesn’t really get affected much when it comes to NPCs because NPCs are part of the environment and at the same time they count as another player that would kill you


I think there should be certain areas that have these NPCs like in military bases and other areas where there is high loot and maybe a juggernaut in the deadzone just for that risk for reward feel that unturned is lacking

Personally, this sounds pretty interesting. As long as the AI aren’t too good. I don’t want some Insurgency 1 tapping from 300 meters with a pistol AI. At the same time however I actually want a bit of a fight.

Speaking of AI how about some more animals, currently only 7 (I think) in-game and two of those are hostile.