All my suggestions for Unturned 4.x, just that boies

Vehicles: I think all of the vehicles (types and presentation) is gud. Im not going to say the obviously things, like “plz Nolson fix the fizikz”. Okay first of all, now Nolson have the tire system, what about, different types of tires? Like antibullet tires, 4x4 tires (for ice and deserts) and that type of stuff. Also, more customization for the cars, like, in unturned 3.0 we have to place plates in windows, (and its pretty shabby in my opinion) so maybe, craftable windows, tires (again), spoilers,etc.

Melee: So its confirmed in Unturned Trello that the melee system is going to be improve, and some weapons are going to stunt. Thats cool. I think it would be great if the stunt weapons can make player unconscious, and take their body to your base…and then…whatever your heart desires…(Yeah, manoman)

Rags: I love the rag system, but I have a suggestion that it can be in the “Gore options” that are going to be completely optional. When you finish putting on the rag, you still losing some blood (not hp, just blood) and the rag is completely submerged in blood. And obviously this means that the rag could still in your charachter for some minutes.

Broken leg: Different walking in third and first person.

NPCs: So, there are going to be AI Bandits, but I didnt saw any suggestion about friendly moving NPCs. Like, in the coalition one rank is about having your own squad, the first time i read that i thought that they were AI soldiers.

Zombies: Different sounds for each zombie type, so you can recognise zombies just hearing them.

Gamemode: Now that Unturned is “copying” EFT, it would be cool an Escape From Tarkov gamemode…

Voice: Yeah, talking NPCs would be great, but something more simple too: Wounded screamings, burn people while hearing painful screamings, will be very inmersive. (Like Rust voices)

World: I dont want to just feel scared about players in the night, I also want to feel scared about the enviorement.

Deadzone: (THIS IS A LIST)
-Deadzones are fully radiactive, so how about infected animals and mutants
-Anomalies (like in stalker)
-If something/someone hits you in the gasmask, it could break (like in Metro 2033/Last Light) but you can quickly repair it with ducktape, just for 1 minute until it breaks again, that minute is for escaping the deadzone. (Like in the upcoming Metro Exodus)

More animals, craftable cloth from animals furr. Different weapons, and I dont mean like NEW MK3 or THE INTERVENTION(epic/mythical wepons) i mean civilian weapons, like the mosin, m1 garand, mp40, civilian weapons that can fight against military weapons if the players is skilled.

A lighter, to fire campfires, torchs, iluminate if you dont have any flashlights…

Guitar: With deppresive melodies, like in stalker, so while is full moon, i can play the guitar. (useless shit I know)

What the heck?

  1. Already suggested multiple times
  2. Unconscious status (Suggestion)
  3. ???
  4. Apparantly yes
  5. What about hostile/allied npcs?
  6. ???
  7. ??? (Really don’t get idea)
  8. Unnecessary
  9. ??? (What?)

1 No comment (“radiactive” “mutants”)
2 . Why? For what purpose?
3 . Wait, that reminds me something…

  1. ??? (See 10. 3.)
  2. ??? (See 8.)

I dont think that everything that comes up in your mind are great ideas.


So you want other animals out in the wild trying to kill you or…? I do like the sound of that but do you have any other examples?

I like the idea of new weapons and the list of weapons you provided I quite like the sound of but seeing as they are older (ww2 era weaponry) they can break more often, jam, possibly rarer magazines and could be found with (in another thread) parcels or packages left by previous survivors and monuments which could be from ww2.

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I like the guitar idea, in the only game i see what the player ca use a instrument is rust.

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Wot? I dont understand why that comments remind you to my comment.
3- Left 4 dead , is not a mechanic, just a visual object, like motion blur.
6- Zombie voice. Men, a zombie with acid in the mouth cant have the same voice as a normal zombie.
7-It’s a gamemode, i dont see what you dont understand. Like, people wants horde mode, I would like an EFT gamemode, but just that my opinion, and yes its odd, but we maybe will be able to play as an animal, so why not.
8- Yeah I know its unnecessary, but It’s just for the inmersion, its unnecesary to have an animation to put out the ammo in the gun when we can just make it dissapear like in Unturned 3.0
9-The Forest. It’s weird to light a bonfire like it’s a switch.

1-And about the other stuff, maybe its too much and the virus just affects humans I dont know the full lore of unturned, but other people wants dog zombie, so bring it to the next level.
3-That will make the deadzone to be more cautious, and be more careful with the zombies that can grab you, and take care of your gas mask, cause in 3.0 you just have to have 999 filters, but with this, you also have to protect your equipment.

I want Unturned 4.X to be the new cod m8 u just dont get it. git gud.

I read the Trello of Unturned 4.X and the thing i want its there so never mind.

Also, I love the idea of the packages left by previous survivors.

I have an idea for the zombie sound idea the op came up with.

For example the runner could have a fast paced growl since they run frequently.

Spitters could have some sort of gurgling mixed with a growl because of whatever will be in their mouth.

Crawlers could have a slower growl since they dont really move quick.

(For the paced growling i mean how long they take to growl/the duration between growls.

Thats the general idea and you can get the idea for other zombies, but things like this would allow for identification between zombies through sound while keeping it not absurdly different.

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mate voice dubbing even for noises costs a lot, and pc-made screams are orrible

we already have some “civilian” weapons, but i guess that it would be cool to add ww2-aged weapons as civilian weapons based on the map (you can buy a full automatic ar15 at the us if you have a license wich is actually easier to get than chocolate bars at a grocery store)

looks like the dark zone from the division, i like it, also there should be some events like supply drops containing very rare gear

for the stalker zombie it should be tall and a darker color(for camouflage) and attacks you and night and it afraid of fire.

get close to your campfires at night

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I advise you take that deal immediately, because that gun is worth literally thousands of candy bars.

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As someone who has a lot of experience with firearms in the U.S. I can say this is not accurate. Way harder to get than people make it out to be. Ar15’s aren’t even normally fully automatic unless you mod them, and you would need a heck of a license to get one fully auto legally.

Yeah i was joking about that
By the way why spend time in a gun shop when there are dead soldiers to loot?

I played Unturned for 254 hrs. I got it during the beta. The game is too easy, ammo and food is rarely a problem. You can easily get a gun and such. There is too much PVP in the community. Unturned is not much of a survival game. I would like to see more guns and weapons, food, customization (for weapons, vehicles, and buildings.) More animals, bigger maps, a roleplay game mode, and machines. E.X. A bullet factory, expensive, makes clips and ammo crates but needs to be powered, requires resources for it to make bullets. Ammo boxes - 1 hr and 30 minutes Clip - 45 minutes (can be changed depending on the caliber) The machine produces a full ammo box/clip. Also, have more NPCS, having them move around and having NPC survivors that roam the map would be cool.

Yeah sounds cool, it’s an original idea too I believe.

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